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How to effectively fight skin pimples and acne in winter

Skin Acne is most normal in young people who are every now and again impacted by hormonal irregular characteristics. It can happen in the two youngsters and grown-ups.

What Are Pimples and How They Occure?

The relationship of Skin and Winter is complicated. Because the temperatures drop, the humidity in the air tends to drop and so our face finds itself dealing with a multitude of unpleasant problems, which start from the cracking of the lips to get to the explosion of pimples . Yes, that’s right: a recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that, contrary to what one might think, the winter season could lead to a sharp worsening of acne cases , due to possible inflammation of the skin due to cold.

Acne on girls face

Sebum, T-zone and The Times Magazine

All this is due to the production of sebum by the microscopic glands present inside our skin, an oily substance that helps the tissues of the epidermis to remain elastic, but which in case of excess can cause obstruction of the pores and inflammation. . With the following bloom of pimples and blemishes. A problem that particularly concerns the so-called T-zone of the face which includes the forehead, nose and chin: the cold and the reduced percentage of humidity, therefore, could lead to a greater risk of seeing some welcome presence appear in these parts of the face.

At the same time, as he explained to Time magazine: Dr. Arielle Nagler of New York University, winter weather conditions can lead to an overall worsening for those who normally suffer from acne, precisely because they would stress the skin and intensify the inflammations present on the epidermis of the face.

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Of course, moving to a tropical area for some time could be a great solution, but perhaps a little difficult to implement. Therefore, it is better to choose the right products to take care of your skin properly, purifying and moisturizing it as required; but without further stressing it, and therefore avoiding too aggressive exfoliants. Obviously the whole process must start with a deep cleansing (which an Aesthetic clinic can help you with.) , albeit delicate: therefore we choose a cleansing product with emollient and moisturizing properties, to be used in the morning and in the evening.

An example

The Perfect Pureness Cleansing Cream from the I Coloniali line, enriched with lactic acid and lauric acid to clean deeply without causing dryness. For the rest, we complete the action by adequately moisturizing the face. In this case it is possible to use a purifying cream. With a fresh and disinfectant effect, such as the one for Mixed and Impure Skin proposed by Maison Bio.


Or alternatively, a specially designed mask such as Ahava’s Clarifying Facial Treatment Mask, based on natural Dead Sea mud and precious minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.


Of course, it can happen then to find yourself in emergency situations, with a damn pimple that decides to pop up in the middle of the forehead on an important day: in this case it is possible to resort to a soothing corrector with an anti-inflammatory action, such as the Urgency Imperfections Corrector de I Coloniali  which acts as a sebum regulator and skin renewal. A precious help, waiting for the return of summer.

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