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How to Get Kids Into Inflatable SUP Boarding

Summer is fast approaching, and you know what that means! Everyone will be spending more time outside—kids very much included. With warmer temperatures on the horizon, kids will be ready to cool off in the nearest body of water, whether it’s a river, a lake, or the ocean. With water adventures in mind, it’s also the perfect time to introduce your kids to stand up paddle boarding. It’s a fun activity that can keep kids occupied for hours on end and a chance for them to get out of the house and have fun out on the water. At the end of the day, they’re sure to be be wiped out and ready for bed! Here are three tips for introducing the kids in your life to inflatable SUP boarding.

Get a Kid-Friendly Inflatable SUP Board

Many paddle boards on the market today are fairly large—some clock in at 10’-12’ in length. These larger boards can often be unwieldy for kids to carry on land and maneuver on the water. Instead of investing in a full-size inflatable SUP board, look for SUPs made just for kids. These are boards that are often under 10’ in length and usually right around 9’. This shorter length makes it much easier for kids to control the board on the water, plus the boards are built for stability. When it’s “kid-sized,” it’s less intimidating and more welcoming. It gives kids a stable platform where they can learn the ins and outs of SUP boarding. Plus, because a smaller 9’ board isn’t too small, kids can grow with it for a few years. By the time they graduate to a longer board, they’ll be SUP pros!

Explore Where Kids Want to Explore

Every inflatable SUP board experience is full of potential. There are just so many places to paddle board! You may have a few favorite local spots that you love. Or you may have some primo spots within a few hours’ drive. But when it comes to getting kids excited to paddle board, ask them where they want to go. It’s a good question to ask once they’ve got some of the basics down and as they’re building their confidence and skills on the board. If you’re planning a beach vacation this summer, ask them if they want to take some time to paddle board during the trip. They can learn to paddle board on the ocean or nearby bays. Or ask them if there are any local spots they’d like to explore before taking on new surroundings. Ask them if they want to bring friends along, too! When kids are given the chance to make choices for themselves, the easier it is for them to get hyped about inflatable SUP boarding!

Focus on Inflatable SUP Board Safety

Sure, talking about safety isn’t the most exciting part of paddle boarding, but it’s the most important part. As you introduce kids to paddle boarding, weave in safety tips they can easily remember. This includes things like wearing the ankle leash that’s attached to their inflatable SUP. It also includes wearing a life vest. Even for strong swimmers, wearing a life vest is essential. Water conditions can change in the blink of an eye. From hidden currents to underwater disorientation, you never know what might happen when you fall into the water. The best way to encourage them to wear a life vest is to wear one yourself. You may be completely confident in your paddle boarding skills, but leading by example can make a world of difference. Once the safety check is out of the way, it’s time to head out on the water and let the fun begin!

About rocker

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