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App Development

How to Hire Flutter Developer in 2022

Flutter is a cross-platform framework mainly used to develop mobile applications in Android and iOS from a single code. It offers a complete UI kit to develop flexible and high-scale mobile applications. This robust and flexible cross-platform saves time and helps reduce development costs.  

These are the reasons the demand for Flutter app development is soaring, and so is the demand for Flutter developers. Hiring a Flutter developer can be challenging because Flutter is a relatively new technology. So while choosing, there are two things you should keep in mind: One is the skills of the developer, and the second is how to hire Flutter developers.

Skills of the Flutter Developer

Here we have listed a few skills that a Flutter developer must have. These skills will help you find the right developer for you to develop apps with all the features you want within time.

Knowledge About Dart

Flutter uses a language called Dart to write scripts. It is a client-based language similar to Java and C languages.  

Flutter uses a client-based language Dart to write simple scripts. Dart language is similar to Java and C languages. So, the single code developed with Dart can be used for developing apps in iOS, Android, macOS, etc.

Thus, when you hire a Flutter developer, they have to write code in Dart so it is mandatory that he has knowledge as well as experience of using Dart for development. While you interview them, you can also give them practical tasks to test their depth of knowledge of Dart.

Experience in Native Languages

The developer you hire must have experience in the native languages like Android, C, Java, Swift, etc. and not just Dart. The experience of working using these native languages will help while developing the app in Flutter as it is quite similar to beylikdüzü escort them.

Prior Knowledge in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

For faster release and fewer miscommunications while developing it must be planned perfectly. Coding knowledge is not enough. The developers must know how to plan the next release and future plans so that the development process runs smoothly. 

 For that, they must know Agile or Waterfall methodologies. If they have experience with these methodologies, it is an added advantage for the project development process.  

Expertise in SQLite

SQLite is a library that can be embedded with the application. It converts files into smaller size archives with less metadata. At the same time, it can manage the low to medium traffic HTTP requests. The other use case of SQLite is that it is used as a temporary data set that is processed with data within the app.

 With SQLite, you can read, delete, add, and insert data and it will load every time. So the knowledge about SQLite is important otherwise, the Flutter development will be complex. Knowing how, where, and when to use it will help you save time and deliver the project faster.

Knowledge About Git

Git is a DevOps tool used for source code management. It is free and open-source for small and large projects. It is beneficial when working in teams. Thus, Git is one of the most compulsory tools while talking about software development.

How You Can Hire Flutter Developer

Now that you know about their skills, here are the three options on how you can hire them.  

In-house Team

Here you will find the perfect developers and build up the team in-house to develop the project. You can find the developers on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. The only drawback is that it’s costly as you will need a space and if you hire dedicated Flutter developers, will cost much to the company.

Hire Freelance Developers

The cost-effective way to hire dedicated Flutter developers is through freelance websites. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc., are the platforms to find a good developer. 

Outsourcing the Project

You can entirely outsource the project to companies with prior experience in the field related to your project. This way, you will have less responsibility on your shoulders.


While finding the developer, be clear on your end, on precisely what you want from the developer and the project. To find more about the developer or development company, you can look for the reviews and client testimonials on the developer’s profile. They agree on your demands, and all the requirements must be on paper and agreed upon dually on both sides.

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