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How To Improve The Security Of Construction Sites

Losing equipment and other materials from construction sites across and down the nation is a constant issue. The average is 400 million dollars being stolen from the construction industry every year due to the direct impact of theft and other crimes.

It’s not just equipment and machines that are targets of thieves. Metals like lead and copper, typically used on construction sites, are also becoming increasingly appealing to criminals.

They are of valuable value, and they are difficult to locate after they are stolen. This is why opportunistic thieves continue to hunt for locations that allow it to be easier for them to access these precious metals.

When objects are stolen, you will definitely improve your construction site security, the costs to the property owner exceed what the item is worth. Other expenses include the time and cost of the project’s overrun, along with the necessity to replace the stolen items or lease them out in the meantime.

Additionally, insurance premiums can increase, and employees should spend the time and initiative to report the incidents to the appropriate authorities.

We will discuss various methods to stop the loss of valuable metals on construction sites.

Management Of Inventory

A thorough inventory system is a great way to quickly find and record the equipment, tools, and more valuable materials.

Although it can be difficult to label metal materials in the same manner as you would mark equipment and tools, keeping a record of them with photographs and inventory lists must be part of the process.

It is possible to do this by ensuring that there is a paper trail to each item delivered at the site, along with when it is utilized and who passes the recipients.

Secure The Perimeter

All the edges of your property should be adequately secured with top-quality fencing and locking systems. They should be inspected frequently to ensure that there isn’t any damage done that could allow non-authorized people to gain access.

After the last employees go home for the night, They should be instructed on how to secure access points. To discourage access, clear and visible signs may be added to fences warning that thieves are being punished.

Thieves tend to be attracted to dark, unprotected locations in which they can be able to sneak unnoticed. To deter illegal entry, construction sites must be well lit, particularly at night.

Only Schedule Supplies

It’s tempting to order metal components in bulk and then store them in your facility; however, the best and most secure choice is to plan materials only when they need to be used.

You’ll need constant contact with your staff to schedule deliveries precisely so your project does not fall behind. In essence, having surplus items around invites people (including on-site employees) to take the items.

Check Your Security

One of the most effective ways to avoid crime at your site is to examine your current security strategy and upgrade your security procedures in line with the latest trends or hire a security guard company for manned security.

Site-wide security systems for construction sites are possible and could consist of CCTV and wireless video detection, as well as certified manned guards.

Authorized Staff Members

For the most effective security for your website, security systems that use biometrics can assist managers in keeping track of who’s coming in and leaving at any given moment.

They can also provide other bits of information that are smart, such as how long people have been there or if someone has used an invalid or fake ID card to gain access to the premises.

It is also essential to regularly conduct security background checks on employees and ensure only trained employees can be employed on the site. Therefore, issuing the latest CSCS cards to every employee is vital.

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