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How to Make a Video That Companies Will Pay For

When developing a fantastic corporate video, you’re always two steps ahead in the preparation process. A lot of that is due to repurposing. It creates fresh material for your marketing and communication needs while also adding value and increasing video exposure.


Recommendations for creating a corporate video

A fantastic corporate video also employs a range of cinematic techniques, as well as different types of cameras and camera angles. The greatest method to connect with your audience and convey your message is to use a variety of methods.


What is the objective of your film?

Consider what you want the audience to do, think, or feel after watching your video is finished. People frequently neglect to consider the viewer’s emotions. And don’t be scared to make yourself laugh! It’s an incredibly useful and effective tool.


Engage your audience by telling a narrative vividly and succinctly, avoiding the weeds. Make a clear mental image of the message you want to deliver. Keep the message focused and straightforward. Understand your target audience and view your tale from their perspective.



Make sure the material you’re selling is more than simply words and numbers. Describe how your topic affects people’s lives, making them simpler, strengthening the community, or increasing the bottom line. Stand out from the competition by creating something unique in terms of producing a film, generating incredible graphics, or carefully building a social media campaign.


Human Element

Don’t be scared to get rid of the “corporate” from business videos. Videos can communicate complex information in simple terms while still being entertaining. Nobody wants to be talked at informally. Have fun with it! If you appear to be having a good time, your viewers will be more interested in what you have to say.


Value of a Product

This is not the time to cut corners when it comes to production expenses. It doesn’t have to end up costing the whole marketing budget, but every production must have excellent audio and lighting. Having a competent crew on board can help you save money by reducing costs associated with inexperience and inefficiency.


Prepare, prepare, and prepare.

Develop a strategy for what to anticipate. Make plans for the unexpected. Then make contingency arrangements for everything else. Every shoot has its own set of surprises and difficulties, which is why it’s important to have a game plan in place before beginning any project.


Be Realistic

Don’t expect to receive three days’ worth of footage from a one-day shoot. Although production cost isn’t always prohibitive, it does take time (see picture quality).


Schedule Smarter

In terms of scheduling, senior leaders might be difficult to pin down. Make an appointment with them for an hour to discuss your immediate need. Allow a little more time than that to produce some additional soundbites you may use in furthering communication efforts.


Make it your own.

Employees want to hear from senior executives and connect with them. When a video is edited to cover every flaw and stumble, it may appear over-produced and lose some of the message’s authenticity.


In a safe environment, creative ideas can grow as a result of the collaboration between the corporate communications staff and the video production crew. Executive presenters should feel at ease while being filmed, and they should seem genuine and certain in their delivery.


You’ve come to the right place.

A spectacular corporate video has many distinct elements, but with a little assistance from Plum Media, they can come together flawlessly and gracefully.


When it comes to corporate videos, no one knows filmmaking better than Manchester based firm Eight Engines. Eight Engines are a multi-disciplinary agency having created attention-grabbing TV adverts and jaw-dropping digital campaigns. If you’re looking to hire a company to produce your video, check out their website by clicking here.

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