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How To Open Your Throat Chakra?

Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and is situated in your thyroid or your throat. It is responsible for your speech, digestion of food, creativity, and self-expression. So, if this chakra is blocked, you will not be able to communicate properly or express yourself in the right way. This will create multiple problems such as fear of talking, and losing your confidence. These problems can create many other problems and will start a chain reaction in your body and mind. That is why keeping the throat chakra is important and in case of blockage you should work on opening it. The article below explains a few ways and methods that you can use to open your throat chakra. Each of these is tested by many yoga gurus and teachers and has been recommended as some of the best techniques to open throat chakra. 

Ways To Open Your Throat Chakra:

Here is a list of the ways and methods to open your throat chakra. 

  • Use Blue Color:

The color blue is the natural color of the throat chakra. So, if you want to open your throat chakra, you will have to keep this color closer to you. You can wear it on your fingers with a ring, or on your arm. If you are not comfortable with wearing it, you can keep it closer to you in other forms such as start wearing blue clothes and using items with blue color. This blue color in your life would impact your mind and will help in unblocking the throat chakra. Apart from this, it will also help in keeping this chakra open for the rest of your life. 

  • Do Neck Stretching:

The location of the throat chakra is in the thyroid, or near the neck. That means if you want to influence this chakra, you will have to stretch the muscles of your neck. For that reason, neck stretching techniques are recommended. If your throat chakra gets blocked due to physical activity, you can easily unblock it using these neck stretches. They will not only make your neck muscles and tendons strong but will also help you open your throat chakra. There are multiple stretching techniques that you can use for this. 

  • Focus on Breathing:

Breathing also impacts your throat chakra as it passes from your throat towards your lungs and in the opposite direction as well. So, focusing on your breath can also help you open your throat chakra. Most of the time throat chakra gets blocked because of the pollution in the air that passes through your mouth. So, when you are focused on your breaths, you can feel them entering from your nostrils. This healthy breathing meditation will impact your brain activity and will unblock your chakra from the inside. This is also a very important type of meditation that you should do to keep other chakras open. 

  • Find and Use Throat Chakra Stones:

There are some stones associated with the throat chakra. You can use these stones to unlock your throat chakra if it gets blocked. The use of stones is symbolic, as these stones are pure and when you keep these pure stones around you. It helps bring purity to your body and mind. That impacts your brain, and also your throat chakra. This helps open your chakra and keep it open for a long time. You can find these stones from online stores and can order them in multiple shapes. Some people like to wear these stones in bracelets, rings, and other forms of jewelry.  

  • Purify your diet:

Diet also has a very important role to play in your overall chakras. That means it not only impacts your throat chakra but also all other chakras. So, keeping your diet according to the recommendation of your mentors is very important. You should avoid eating any type of meat or dairy product. Try a vegan diet, as it is the purest form of a healthy diet. Once you start eating a pure diet, your body will start to change and this change will open many chakras for you including your throat chakra. That is why most yoga and meditation teachers advise their students to change their diets to pure form or vegan form most of the time. 

  • Do Yoga Poses:

Doing yoga can also help you unblock your throat chakra. There are multiple reasons for a chakra to get blocked and not open. Yoga is the only solution that works for almost every chakra. So, you should start learning different yoga poses that will impact your throat chakra. This will help you get rid of the throat chakra blocking and you can easily open it by doing these specific yoga poses in your routine. Most people only do yoga when they feel their chakra has been locked. That is the wrong thing to do, you should never stop doing yoga as it will prevent your chakras from becoming locked. 

  • Use Reiki Healing:

Reiki Healing methods are also considered a good solution for this type of problem. Reiki is a form of complementary therapy session. In these sessions, a very learned professional will try to open your throat chakra during the session. It not only impacts your throat chakra but also works for other chakras as well. It can also help you maintain the energy levels of each chakra so that you live a balanced life. 

  • Use Bija Mantra:

Apart from all the solutions above, there is also an ancient solution that is still very popular and is being used very widely. The use of the Bija Mantra helps you open your throat chakra. This mantra is a part of many traditional yoga sessions. You should learn this chakra and keep using it to open your throat chakra. 


These were some of the most popular and most effective methods to open your throat chakras. Some methods work for some people but not for others. So, if one or more methods are not working, you should not worry and try other methods as they will help.

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