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How to prepare for NEET from class 9?

If our dream is to crack the NEET exam, we have to clear our vision from the 9th grade itself. Do you know that every year, 15 lakh candidates appear for the NEET exam? Wait for this exam to happen to fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor. I would like to tell you that only half of the people who crack India’s longest medical entrance exam every year. Class 9 is the first step to preparing for this exam.

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9th class is the best time to prepare for NEET. We should review our basic fundamentals from class 9th itself so that we can improve our skills. If the fundamentals of each of our subjects were clear, then we would have little further preparation.

Students in class 9th who are preparing for NEET 2023 begin planning their strategy. Those who aspire to become doctors start going through their good strategies, tips, recommended books, relevant topics, and other details and start collecting notes. Start reading every article related to NEET preparation. so that they can increase their knowledge easily.

How to start NEET preparation from class 9th-all we need to know about the syllabus

The candidate should proceed only after thoroughly understanding all of the concepts in his subject matter. These are basic concepts in chemistry, physics, and biology (both botany and zoology). It helps you to understand it in the 11th and 12th and clears up your concept. Knowing your entire subject thoroughly while preparing for NEET from class 9th helps a candidate to strengthen all the fundamentals by the time he is in class 12th.

 Make your study plan in detail.

Having in-depth knowledge of their subjects, aspirants preparing for NEET 2023 from class 9th must prepare a comprehensive timetable for their studies. If you want to crack the most competitive exam for NEET 2023, You need to focus a lot on your in-depth analysis of theory, discipline, and practical work. Making a study plan thus assists a candidate greatly in preparing for NEET from class 9th onwards. will also help you in board preparation.

Get Help from the Best Books

Starting from class 9, students should only study from NCERT books. It is very good and important for NEET preparation. That’s why it is important as it contains all the basic formulas and principles. And because all the questions in the NEET entrance exam are completely based on the 11th and 12th NCERT books, Of course, the candidate needs to understand the class 9th NCERT Science book. The NCERT books elaborate the whole concept very well.

After completing the syllabus from the NCERT book, the student gets confidence in himself. For each subject, you can refer to the best book to make notes in 2023. This book is the best study material that can be considered for cracking the NEET exam with 600+ marks. You have to clear your basics and prepare for NEET from class 9th books. Candidates are following some recommended books for Science.

The top Physics Book

Book title Publisher/Author
Physics for Class 9th S. Chand Publications: Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Singh
Physics Question Bank Oswaal Publications
Super simplified science Physics Class 9th Dinesh Publications
Physics Class 9 Srijan Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
The Top Chemistry Book
Book title Publisher/Author
Super simplified science Chemistry Class 9 Dinesh Publications
Physics Class 9th Srijan Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Physics question bank Oswaal Publications
Physics Class 9th S. Chand Publications: Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Singh
Best Biology Books
Book title Publisher/Author
Biology question bank Oswaal Publications
Biology for Class 9th S. Chand Publications: Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Singh
Super simplified science Biology Class 9th Dinesh Publications
Biology for Class 9 Srijan Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Through this article, we have tried to make you understand that if you are aspiring to become a doctor and you also want to prepare for NEET and you have already thought that you want to become a doctor. but they don’t know how to prepare for NEET 2023. We have given all this information to you in the article written above. I hope you will get so much clarity by reading this article on how to do the preparation.

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