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How to tempt a kitten: a simple step by step guide

How to tempt a kitten: a simple step-by-step guide. Curious, intelligent, and often unpredictable: cats are fascinating creatures. But they’re not easy to draw unless you follow a few key steps.

Maybe you are thinking of drawing a picture of your kitten, or perhaps you want to try your hand at the illustration of a kitten, or even try animation. Regardless of what you have in mind, drawing a simple, realistic cat just the way you want it is a great place to start.

It might seem like a challenge, but if you follow our step-by-step demonstration, you’ll find that assembling the basic cat shape is incredibly easy. Once you have mastered this type of construction, you will soon be able to draw cats in all sorts of poses. Not only that, you will find that pencil drawing ideas for cats from life suddenly becomes much easier.

What materials do I need to draw a kitten?

Sure get creative with pens, pencils, or paint if you like. But to follow our guide on how to draw cats, you need some very basic materials.

You can bring your cat to live with anything from colored pencils to watercolors, but we’ll keep it nice and simple in this guide. All you need are the following materials:

  • A sheet of plain A4 article
  • One or two pencils – 2B, HB, or both are eligible for this sketch.
  • A pencil sharpener: The attributes resolve to be much easier if you have well-sharpened pencils.
  • If you want to erase the guides in this drawing, an eraser partially, but it’s not essential.

How to tempt a kitten step by step

As with any subject, there is a temptation to concentrate on drawing the details of a kitten: its looks, whiskers, fluff, or claws. But this will solely hinder you down in the earlier phases.

Instead, you should look at the cat’s anatomy as an entirety, only as you would if you were tensing a human. And simply like the mortal body, kittens can be facilitated into a range of geometric shapes and curved lines.

Once you’ve got those essential modules in place, you can more effectively add those important details.

The promising information is that you accomplished need to know every joint, muscle, and bone in a cat’s body to understand how to draw a cat – instead, follow our simple steps below, and you’ll be able to learn the essence of cat catching—an animal without problems.

You will need

  • pastels
  • paper
  • A rubber-like B. a rubber spatula

Total time:

1 hour

Step 1

Draw three circles as you see below. Note that of the two larger circles, the one on the right is smaller than the one on the left.

a kitten 1

These three circles form the cat’s body and head. Don’t worry if the top circle looks too big for a cat skull – we’ll adjust it later in the rotation.

Step 2

Now let’s combine these three circles with a series of lines. Try to make them taper, especially those on top of the two larger circles. This line should fall like a cat’s vertebrae.

Step 3

This part requires a little more attention. Draw the guides one-third of the way into the larger circles and draw these curved shapes for the cat’s legs. You will detect that the front leg is straighter than the back, almost crescent-shaped.

It is good to take out the four joints of the cat’s legs, if only so that you can confirm for yourself where they should be. Create an S-shape for the tail, which is almost always upright in cats.

Step 4

Now we will start bringing our Moggie to life. Add curved contours to the leg shapes, treating the upper parts almost like jodhpurs while narrowing the lower regions. You can draw small boxes for the paws.

 Sketch an additional line to make the bottom wider.

Step 5

This is the hardest part of the sketch. While that should create the kitten’s body of sharp lines, its head should be built with straight lines, except for the forehead, which should be drawn concave. The ear should be positioned just to the right of the center. Add a triangle for the cat’s eye.

Step 6

Now for the joy part: we can depend on our shapes into a real cat. If you have a double more hard pencil, use it to draw a series of smooth lines around the silhouette, indicating the cat’s fur. Maybe it’s a short-haired Moggie; perhaps he is a long-haired Persian.

Make sure you turn that fucking worm into something subtle. Soften the hard details of the lead with some smooth boundaries, particularly the spikes of the ears. You can add a second triangle for the inside of the ear.

Step 7

We’ve gotten to this point, so let’s add some basic shades and the two remaining legs. Also, add a second ear and a horizontal line for easy context. Draw a narrow slit for the cat’s pupil. And finally … don’t forget that mustache!

a kitten 7

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