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How To Understand Distractors in IELTS Listening?

Distractors in IELTS Listening

Here in this article, you should know how to understand distractors in IELTS Listening. Also, get some tips to understand distractors in IELTS.

IELTS Listening Distractors

  • In the first lesson, we looked at distractions for listening to IELTS.
  • This was when you asked multiple choice types of questions and heard all the possible choices, but only one was correct.
  • In this lesson, we will look at another form of distraction that is very common in the first part of the IELTS listening test.
  • You hear the speaker correcting himself or another speaker corrects them.
  • Basically, the speaker gives you information and you think it’s the right answer.
  • But then the speaker corrects what he said and the newly corrected information is actually the correct answer.

Examples Of Correction Distractors

As a result, the examples of correction distractors are taken from a real IELTS listening. The distractor is highlighted in red / italic, and the correct answer is highlighted in blue / underlined.

Example 1

In this situation, a woman is booking a trip to the city when she arrives at Toronto Airport. You should note that Milton is far from the airport.

Review the information you need to find in the question. Below is a copy of the listening script you will hear.

Que: Distance

….. miles


Boy: Hello, this is Land Transport Information at Toronto Airport. How may I help you?

Girl: Oh, good morning. So, I’m flying to Toronto Airport next week, and I need to get to a town called Milton. So, could you tell me how I can get there in how much time?

Boy: Milton, did you say? Let me see. So, if i think that’s about 100+50 miles south-west of here. In fact, it’s 147 miles to be exact, so it will take you at least – say, 3-4 hrs. by road.

Understand Distractors in IELTS Listening

Example 2

These 2 examples are part of the same test as above.

The manager is trying to find out the employee’s room number.

Que.: Room number _____________


Employee: I’m in one of the Halls of Residence for post-graduate students, you know, International House.

Manager: OK – that’s easy. What’s your room number there?

Employee: Room B769 – no sorry B679. I always get that wrong. So, I haven’t been living there take much long time.

Manager: Do you have any other skills? Typing, languages, that sort of thing?

So, the room number is 679, not 769.

Tips For Distractors

So, the most important tip is to make sure you are aware of correction distractors (you are now!). They also emphasize the importance of listening very carefully.

Here Are Some General Tips

  1. Be aware of possible distractions, especially as they are common in the first part
  2. Don’t think it’s the first thing you hear, because the answer is the real answer – listen carefully to what happens next
  3. Words like “No” and “Sorry” tell you that another answer may come to correct the first one. Consider the examples above – you will see that these words appear in several examples after the first incorrect answer.
  4. Distractors often contain some number, so be especially careful when you hear the numbers (although these are not always numbers).
  5. Always listen carefully!

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