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Important Things to Consider Before Choosing an Indoor venue

While looking for a perfect venue for your wedding, what inspires you? Is it the décor, its location, its area or convenience? There are so many things that you need to consider while booking your dream venue for your weddings. You can’t compromise with the venue as it sets the Right vibe for the celebration. Therefore, it has to be perfect. Fret not, here we are to help you. Here are a few ideas that will assist in your decision, so, read on.

 All you need to do is think about these key points before narrowing down a location:


 Estimate the number of guests 

 The most important thing or the factor that needs to be considered while choosing the perfect place for your wedding is how many people you are expecting at the event. You can’t afford to have a too crowded or too empty. You should discuss with a professional or the venue team if you really are unsure how many may attend. You always book a place as per the area you require for your event. There are certain marriage halls in Gurgaon that offer spaces for even 2000 guests so, choose wisely.

Your Financial Budget

 Again, one of the most important things that would affect your decision is your budget. You need to sit down with your families and discuss how much money you want to spend together. You have to see if that much amount is worth booking the space you have selected venue. Make sure you both the families agree and are happy with the choice. If you make the big decisions together, the total stress is much less in the future.

 Go through the venue’s Picture Blogs and online listings 

 Online listings and various wedding planning websites are a blessing… trust us. If you want to select a perfect venue you should check out their website, social media as well as online listings on wedding planning websites. This will offer you a chance for you to view the venue from other people’s perspectives which will help you make a better-informed decision. If that venue has good reviews then you should totally go for it!


 It will offer a good scope of creativity

 As there are so many options and ideas that can be executed you can go for any theme be it contemporary or classic. To give life to a particular theme you would need the perfect flowers, lights as well as fabrics as per the theme. With those you would also need furniture, installations, crystals, beautiful soft lighting and candles, romance surrounds you. If you want something close to a natural theme then you can add more greenery, plants bright blossoming flowers, and colours found in natural surroundings. As it is your wedding you can pick whatever you like as memorable weddings tell stories. You can go for a theme that expresses your personal style.

 Indoor Venues are convenient 

 Trust us, an indoor venue is a wise choice for weddings. A closed venue helps to maintain control over the environment. Be it a summer wedding or winter wedding or even if it rains an indoor venue will save you from all the chaos. If it’s a summer wedding you can get a fully air-conditioned place to save your guests from all the sweating or humidity. In winters it would save you and your guests from freezing in cold.

 Indoor Décor 

There are chances that a closed banquet is already decked up with a beautiful ceiling, stage, backdrops, vedi a beautiful entrance, so you can use a venue that has décor similar to your taste. If you are looking forward to decorating a space as per your taste you can book a ballroom in a hotel and it can be decked up with stunning backdrops, drapes, floral setups, furniture and so on. You can add the lighting you want or a multitude of candles that will add a romantic touch to the setup. Indoor venue

We know getting married is one of the most important moments in your life. Making that day special with your partner, friends and family is your top priority.  Therefore you can decide with your soulmate, what style and decor best tell your story as a couple.

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