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Is an English teacher Online Job Harder Than It Looks?

Is an private English tutor online Job Harder Than It Looks? 

With high-speed internet becoming quite widespread, the online marketplace for English classes is growing rapidly. There are people from around the globe choosing private English tutor online jobs While there are students too, who wish to seek a little extra help through online tutors. 

Now, tutoring platforms aren’t simply supporting native-speaker, but there is good demand for non-native speakers too. Like with any freelancing job, there are pros and cons to being an English tutor online. 

But the thought is whether or not tutoring online is harder or not? Let us read this article to know more.

Is private English tutor online Harder? 


While working for an online tutoring platform as a private English teacher, you may find difficulty with the competition. There are not a handful but a long list of tutors available online. What will make a big difference is, your skills, education, experience, and the rating you receive. Therefore, in order to be ahead in the competition, you probably have to be different. 

  • Energy Drainer

private English tutor online jobs may seem to be an energy drain. Since you try to fit in during the free time you have in a day. It can be intimidating to pursue online tutoring as a part-time job. Because you are already tired working in a full-time environment. So, if you think you can consider it for a full-time career, this will help you make a good difference. 

  • Prepare your Curriculum

In classroom teaching, the curriculum is prepared with the help of teachers. You are not the sole responsibility for creating a proper curriculum.As an English tutor, students expect a lot from you! They don’t want you to exceed your grades, to become a quality tutor. But, in an online tutoring job, you have to be a bit careful, keeping students’ requirements, and understanding in the min. 

As an English tutor online, the curriculum should address the needs of the students and give them a personalized approach. So, first, you have to know what your student wants from you. After that, you can build a good plan and work on it accordingly. 

Cultural Blend

You don’t get to meet students from your country, but different countries. You have to meet people from across the globe and tutor them. It may seem challenging since the language and culture barrier can be dominating. 

So, that can be addressed well when you ignore it. And, cherish the experience that you gain from it, by meeting people and interacting with them. It will add to your confidence, interest, experience and boost your skills too. 


Online tutoring jobs may seem to be difficult at the start. But, when you enter it, you will realise it isn’t challenging. There are many benefits and perks of being an English teacher online

You get to experience and understand different cultures. You meet students from across the globe and earn at the comfort of your home. Be sure to make a difference in your tutoring life, and pursue your interest from the right online tutoring platform.

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