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Marketing Agency And Its Departments

Marketing Agency

A marketing agency is known by different names. You might know it by the name ‘marketing firm’ or advertising agencies. These agencies are specialized to help a particular business entity to build up brand value. And grow their business in the most effective way possible. The business can be a small startup or an already running full-fledged business. 

A marketing agency has a team of experts who have several experiences in the marketing realm. These experts work in different departments specialized in different tasks. All these departments work together in harmony for the marketing agency to work at its best potential and give clients the results they require.  The experts in the agency use their knowledge and their experience. In bringing the best out of any business, brand, or company.

Departments of a Marketing Agency

A marketing agency can have around 3-5 departments depending upon the size of that agency. Some agencies have only three departments which are, the Client Services team, Design team, and Content & copywriting team.

A bigger marketing agency can have five or more departments which include Client Services, Design, Content, Media Buying, Community management team, and more. All these departments are responsible for different tasks involved in marketing and advertising. These departments are discussed in detail down below.

Client Services Team – The Bridge between Client and Marketing Agency

The client services team is also the account management team as well. In a marketing agency, the first point of contact between the client and marketing agency is a member of the Client Services team. They manage everything for the client related to the advertising agency. These tasks include taking care of the work given by the client. Making sure that the work is done and completed timely, and providing it to the client.

Other than these, they also manage financial accounts between the client and the marketing agency. The member of client services stays in contact with the designers and content writers. He is responsible to make sure that the work is according to the client’s brief. The client services team is also responsible for clarity in brief, and for defending their marketing agency when needed as well.

Copy, Concept, and Copywriting Team – The Backbone

Just like a well-written script can take your movie to new heights, A well-written copy for an advertisement can make your entire campaign successful. A marketing agency has to have a good copy and concept team to write good copies for the advertisements. The copy text just has to be unique, different, and catchy to grab the target audience’s attention.

A bad copy can make a really good advertisement with a great design fail. If the text copy does not resonate with the target audience. If they don’t relate to it, Your design will fail. The marketing agency should hire talented people who have good research and writing skills for the copy department.

Design and Animation Team – The Engine

Even though the text copy is very important for any advertisement. The first thing that the audience sees is the design of the advertisement. To read the advertisement text, It is important for the audience to interact with the advertisement visually. The marketing agency should have talented designers with a great aesthetic sense who understand what will look eye-catching for the target audience of the service/brand.

Designers give advertisement its soul. A bad design can be disastrous for the campaign as it can convey the wrong message. For the campaign to be successful, the marketing agency should provide the best possible designs that resonate with the audience.

Media Buying & Planning Team – The Bank

Every marketing agency, especially digital advertising agencies have a team of media buyers and media planners. This team is the one that spends it all. There is no point in making advertisements for digital media if you have no means to show them to people. To reach out to more potential target audiences, a media buyer and planner will make a plan.

To boost posts to be on timelines of the potential audience. This boosting is according to the budget allowed by the client for this. The spending is totally transparent, and a good targeting practice can get you a long way. As it will drive potential customers to your product. Media buying and planning is a common practice in a digital marketing agency.

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Community management team – Social media manager

A community management team is very important for any brand. A marketing agency that provided community management services is very good for any brand. This team is responsible for answering all the queries asked by potential and interested audiences. It is very important to answer them on time as you might miss potential customers if not answered on time. 

All these departments of marketing agency have their own specialties and have their own importance. No marketing agency cannot fully function if even one of them is missing, so it is best to already have one member of each.

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