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Mistakes That Can Keep Your Business from Developing a Successful React Native App Model!

Most app developers suggest app owners to adopt the react native framework to witness the experience they’ve always dreamt of! Notably, the potential that the approach holds has not gone unnoticed by the professionals, and they’re contributing their best to deliver a top-notch cross-platform experience. 

While experts are familiar with the do’s and don’ts of building a react native framework, numerous startup app development companies might not know in-depth insights on avoiding certain details. Thus, this article is the perfect chance to learn more about the alterations that are significant to make in case you have been following the wrong approach. 

So, let’s get started? 

Roadblocks React Native App Development Companies Might Encounter! 

There are numerous challenges associated with a react native app development company, and it is vital to figure out the same for the delivery of an efficient cross-platform product. Thus, here are the most common mistakes that must be avoided:

1. Incorrect Estimation

– Layouts of different OS- Sure, there are numerous components that are re-usable; however, layouts may vary. Also, the formation of an application page might be entirely different on both the operating systems- Android and Ios.

– It is essential to check the endpoints provided by the backend team, coding, and the data structure, so nothing goes wrong.

2. Compromised Data Handling

Sure, any app development team would be excited to bag a huge project and will focus on planning the layout. Therefore, data handling somewhere gets compromised!

Fortunately, Redux enables efficient data handling and works as a robust tool for the entire data management. 

It is essential to mention that Redux app development is an inappropriate choice in the case of small projects, as alternations can be troublesome. Thus, adopting the approach while working with big react native projects is much better. 

3. Keeping Away from Reading External Modles’ Codes 

It has become common for developers to save time via external modules. Indeed, it accelerates the entire mechanism, especially when it’s accompanied by documentation. 

However, a situation might arise when modules break down or stop working unexpectedly. Thus, developers must read the code to figure out the issue with the module and fix the same. 

4. Leaving Log Statements in the App

Console log statements are convenient and valuable, and enable debugging the app execution. However, have you ever thought about what happens after log statements are left in the application? 

It leads to a slower application! 

5. Un optimization of React Native Images

One of the tasks that must be prioritized while building react native apps is optimizing the images. Notably, it helps to resize the images locally and store them in the cloud. Furthermore, a CDN link is generated, which is returned using API. 

The entire process makes imaging loading quick; however, developers forget to follow the step and end up having a slower mechanism. 

6. Keeping from Project Structure

A project structure must never be overlooked or compromised!


One of the biggest reasons is the poor outcome in the long run. In fact, it is suggested to invest more time in monitoring the project thoroughly to lay down a well-organized project framework. 

How to Avoid Making Mistakes as a React Native App Developer? 

Evidently, nobody’s perfect and can commit mistakes one or the other time. But, what if you are well-prepared in advance? 

There are two primary ways:

– Keep Brushing Your Skills

One of the best methods to brush up your skills is by enrolling for courses, especially when an individual is skilled and experienced. It might be the case when developers are engrossed with lots of projects, they might lose sight of technical basics. Thus, it is always an exceptional option to get back and revise! 

– A Company That Emphasizes Training

It is a perfect solution for freshers who are just starting their careers. Associating with a team that prioritizes training and teal leaders that extend their support can lay a strong foundation for their career growth.

To Sum Up! 

It is much better to have a heads up before ruining the user’s experience to work on the same and make alterations accordingly in your approach. 

For trainees starting their career, they can be associated with a top mobile app development company that helps them grow and supports their growth. 

So, what do you think?

Also, if you’re looking forward to developing an applaud-worthy app using the react native framework, now is your time to connect with the professionals for further assistance on the same.

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