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Ob Gyn Test Anxiety: How to Prepare for the Exam

It is pretty understandable to feel anxious or nervous when visiting an ob-gyn if you are a woman. That is why every women choose not to go for checkups. Ignoring your reproductive health is not advisable because you won’t be able to detect any complications or diseases that affect this area, such as cervical cancer. When you have searched for “ob gyn doctor near me,” and you are about to go for the first visit, here are a few tips to help you reduce your anxiety. 

Where is the anxiety coming from? 

You are not alone if you feel nervous before seeing an ob gyn near you. Some of the reasons why you feel nervous include:

  • Not knowing what to expect during a pelvic or a Pap smear exam since it is your first visit 
  • Thinking that the pelvic exam will hurt because of what you have heard from other women 
  • If you had a traumatizing sexual experience in the past that involved violence 
  • You will also feel nervous if you are not comfortable with your gynecologist, whether a man or a woman 
  • You may develop anxiety because the doctor may detect precancerous or cancerous cells during the exam 
  • Some religions view pelvic exams or Pap smear exams as sinful 

You don’t need to feel nervous, anxious, or ashamed during tests that involve your reproductive system because they play a vital role in your general health. However, if you can’t help it, there are several things you can do to reduce nervousness. Here are some of them:

How to counter anxiety during a pelvic exam? 

Look for a gynecologist you are comfortable with 

The first thing that you must do to counter nervousness when searching for an ob gyn doctor near me is to look for a professional gynecologist whom you are comfortable with. The pelvic exam involves examining the most private area of your body, and it is understandable to feel ashamed during these tests. Decide whether you are comfortable with a male or a female gynecologist. The entire test doesn’t take much time, but if you don’t like your gynecologist, it may feel like an eternity, and you may be tempted to skip visits. Take suggestions from your friend or family, but above all, make sure he or she is licensed to practice. 

Bring a household member or a friend with you during the visit 

Another way to reduce nervousness during a visit to the ob-gyn is to bring your friend or family member with you. You have an option to decide whether you want that person to stay with you in the study room or wait for you in the waiting room. However, your provider may request your time alone with him or her if sensitive or private information is required. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

One way of breaking the ice during these visits is to keep asking questions. Asking questions also gives you an opportunity to understand what is expected during the test. Ask the doctor how long the exam is going to take or how you should handle yourself during the test. If you intend to visit your gynecologist for the first time, ask a friend or a loved one to share their previous experiences if they are willing to do so. 


If you are not comfortable visiting an ob gyn near you, get rid of your anxiety by explaining to your doctor how or what you feel about the entire exam. Professional gynecologists have dealt with different personalities in the past, and if you tell them in advance what you feel, they can try to make the exam more comfortable for you or make you relax during the test. 

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