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Parker Instrumentation Fittings For Leak-Free Connections

Parker instruments and instrumentation fittings are designed for leak-free connections between equipment and process media. The most important consideration is compatibility with media. Parker instrumentation fittings are available in a wide range of alloys, from high nickel to titanium. Choosing the right fittings for the right application can be a challenge, but Parker’s extensive range of solutions can help. Here are some examples of how they can benefit your equipment.

Parker Hannifin offers a comprehensive range of fittings

A wide range of high integrity tube fittings is available from Parker, including a complete range of direct mount and remote mount options. Parker’s fittings also come with PTFree connect systems, which eliminate the need for PTFE tape or liquid sealant. The company also offers a full line of flexible and rigid tubing and custom assemblies to suit all your needs. A variety of tubing solutions from Parker include PTFE and PFA fittings, as well as SAE and DIN-certified valves, pumps, and other industrial fittings.

Parker’s ParkrimpTM No-Skive medium pressure fittings

Parker’s Parkrimp No-Skive medium pressure fittings are crimp style hydraulic fittings that are permanent and easy to assemble with Parkrimp crispers. The 46 series features chromium-free plating and is compatible with Parker wire-braid hydraulic hoses. It also features a no-skive design that eliminates premature hose failure due to skiving.

Parker’s Parkrimp No-Skive no-spill quick couplings

Parker non-spill hydraulic couplings can be used for a variety of hydraulic applications where spillage poses a significant safety and environmental hazard. In railway maintenance, high-voltage power transmission lines, and hydraulic tool changes, these couplings are ideal for quick, hassle-free hydraulic tool changes.

If you’re in the market for hydraulic quick couplings, consider Parker’s wide selection of quality products. Parker offers both hoses and fittings for industrial applications. Its wide range of products ensures you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for the job at hand. Its full line of hydraulic couplings includes Parkrimp No-Skive no-spill quick couplings and hoses.

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Parker’s NS Series double shut-off non-spill quick couplings

The NS Series quick couplings feature a stainless steel spring that keeps liquids and gases inside. These couplings feature double shut-off poppet valves that are compatible with ISO 7241 series B quick disconnects.

This double-shut-off NS Series coupling minimizes spillage by reducing air inclusion and leakage when connecting. This high-pressure, steel-bodied quick couplings minimize the risk of spilling and protecting the environment. They feature stainless steel bodies, brass sleeves, and threads for easy connection. They are compatible with most fluids and comply with ISO 7241 Series B.

Parker’s CPI couplers

With the CPI series of quick disconnects and push-to-connect couplings, your business can keep its fluid lines and hoses connected. Designed for a variety of process applications, CPI couplers are available in a variety of body sizes and material options, including stainless steel.

Stainless steel quick couplings provide a secure connection and are compatible with other manufacturers’ threaded hydraulic couplings. They feature a sleeve guard and manual sleeves for safety and are suitable for pressure and vacuum applications.

Parker’s Parkrimp No-Skive

hose no-skive fittings are available in bench-mounted, stand-mounted, and modular configurations. Parker Hannifin Corporation is a leading industrial manufacturer. These fittings provide superior service to the end user.

Parker Parkrimp No-Skive medium-pressure fittings feature a permanent, one-step assembly process with the use of Parkrimp crimpers. The No-Skive hose and fittings are secured without removing the outer cover, reducing the risk of premature hydraulic hose failure. Parkrimp 46 series fittings feature chromium-free plating for corrosion protection.

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