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Popular Places for Student Accommodation Brisbane That May Interest You

If you have been enrolled in a university in Brisbane and searching for student accommodation Brisbane then you can know about some best options here. Brisbane in Australia has plenty of places where you can find ensuite rooms, shared rooms, studios, and apartments.

You can select the right one according to your requirements.  All the places of accommodation available in Brisbane are full of modern amenities and provide you a comfortable stay during your years of study. Here are some of the wonderful places of accommodation located in Brisbane. Some Excellent and budget friendly Student Accommodation Brisbane for Students are as follows.

1. Scape South Bank

Scape South Bank is the accommodation that has been strategically made within the reach of every top university in the city. It’s a fully furnished accommodation and provides a wonderful feel to the students. It also offers a shuttle service for students to universities.

At Scape South Bank, you find two types of accommodations – studios and apartments. However, studios and apartments are usually considered as different types of accommodation but at Scape, studios are also available under the name “studio apartment”. Moreover it is a blend of studios and apartments or studios in the apartments.

There are five categories of studios available here. These categories are studio apartment, studio apartment – views, medium studio apartment, medium studio apartment – views, and large studio apartment.

In definition, a studio is the name of a self-contained unit with an ensuite bathroom and an open kitchen area. A studio can be occupied by one person or multiple persons.

In addition to the studio apartments available here, there are separate 5-bedroom apartments also. There is a double bed in every room, which is why two persons can stay in one room. Private bathrooms are provided in these apartments.

Scape South Bank offers a variety of amenities and services to the students according to modern needs and tastes. The major ones you can find here include gym, coffee table-breakfast bar, heating, Wi-Fi, study table & chair, cooking hob, outdoor area, heating, and Wi-Fi.

Besides, the accommodation authorities take complete care of the security of the luggage as well as people. For accomplishing this purpose, the accommodation has CCTV cameras and secure door entry.

There is an expert support team that you can call during your stay in case of any requirement or query.

2. UniLodge South Bank

UniLodge South Bank is another popular student accommodation Brisbane. Here, you can find studios, apartments, and ensuite rooms. Studios and ensuite rooms are located in apartments, and there are separate apartments also for the students.

There are six categories of studios available in this place of accommodation. These categories include Studio Apartment – Standard, Twin Bunk Share Studio Apartment, Twin King Single Share Studio Apartment, Studio Apartment – Large, Studio Apartment– Accessible, Studio Corner, and Studio Corner Large.

As already mentioned, ensuite rooms are also available. The ensuite rooms are private rooms with attached bathrooms. There are two categories of ensuite rooms available in UniLodge, which are 2 Bedroom Apartment Ensuite – Large and 2 Bedroom Apartment Ensuite. The large version is available in the size of 14sqm whereas the other one comprises the size of 9sqm.

Apartments are also available in two types – 6 Bedroom Apartment Multi-share – Large and 6 Bedroom Apartment Multi-share – Standard. Here also, you can find the difference of 14sqm and 9sqm in large and standard versions.

This accommodation offers a plethora of facilities and services to the students. The things you get here include air conditioner, BBQ, photocopy, outdoor area, laundry room, games room, heating, Wi-Fi, garden/courtyard, car parking, printing machine, common area, TV, gym, table tennis, bicycle storage, study room, lounge area, library, Kitchen and vending machine.

Secure door entry and CCTV cameras are available here for security purposes. Twenty- four hours on-call staff is available here for your service.

3. Urbanest South Bank

Urbanest South Bank is one more prominent place of accommodation for students. Here, you can use shared rooms apart from studios and apartments. These shared rooms are budget-friendly options for students with limited budgets.

The categories available here of studios, apartments, and shared rooms include:

Studios: Large Studio Apartment and Large Studio Apartment – Views.

Apartments: 6 Bedroom Apartment, 6 Bedroom Apartment – Views, 5 Bedroom Apartment, 5 Bedroom Apartment – Views, 4 Bedroom Apartment, and 4 Bedroom Apartment – Views.

Shared Rooms: 4 X Twin Bunk Apartment (for 8 persons) and 8 X Twin Bunk Apartment (for 16 persons).

The amenities and services available here for the students include laundry room, gym, games room, bicycle storage, BBQ, i Mac Stations, lounge area, mailboxes, cinema, outdoor courtyard, vending machine, pool table, and Wi-Fi.

Moreover for security purposes, the student accommodation Brisbane consists of secure door entry and CCTV cameras.


In Brisbane, the students can find a number of accommodations among which they can choose the right one that is best suitable to meet their requirements. Besides the above three are just as examples. Moreover there are many others also that can be considered by the students.

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