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Pranic Healing: Benefits Of Pranic Healing

Ever since Indian culture first emerged, energy and life force have been employed as therapeutic agents. It was primarily taught by our ancient saints to their disciples as a healing technique. Some of these healing methods were written in secret in the Bible and other publications. Modern medicine in the modern age has dedicated humanity to the wonders of science, saving many lives. Modern medicine, on the other hand, takes a physical-based approach. Additionally, therapy is given greater attention than prevention. Drugs can have a variety of unfavorable side effects if used often. Therefore, many are once again going back to the current healing methods today. One such that employs natural remedies and may be employed without worrying about adverse effects is organic pranic healing.

What Is Pranic Healing?

Using prana to balance, harmonize, and modify the body’s energy systems, pranic healing is a highly developed and tried and true technique of energy treatment. It is founded on the core tenet that the body is a self-repairing organism with an inbuilt capacity for self-healing. The Sanskrit term for life energy is prana. The body is kept alive and in good condition by this imperceptible bio-energy, also known as vital energy. Chinese practitioners of acupuncture refer to this energy as Chi. As with Reiki, it is referred to as Ki in Japanese. This healing method is straightforward yet quite effective in aiding recovery. The basis of pranic healing is the idea that raising the life force speeds up the healing process.

What is the fundamental principle of Pranic Healing?

The two fundamental tenets of pranic healing are cleansing and energizing. Cleaning the chakras and the aura is crucial for removing any harmful, unclean, or bad energy from the etheric body.

Etheric energy, commonly known as prana, was divided into two groups by Master Choa Kok Sui: refined prana and gross prana. Refined prana is lighter and includes smaller energy molecules than gross prana, which is heavier and has more energy molecules.

When there is refined pranic energy present, the healing process is accelerated when a chakra has to be rejuvenated because it is malfunctioning. The human body’s chakras absorb smaller molecules more quickly and easily than larger ones, and since gross prana is heavier, it may even cause congestion.

The following phases make up the majority of the Pranic Healing approach.

  • First, it is determined which bad energy is brought on by physical or emotional issues.
  • This energy is then expelled.
  • The good vital energy has finally returned.

What Are The Benefits Of Pranic Healing?

  1. When youngsters have a constant fever, this procedure might be used on them. Within a few hours, parents may lower their children’s temperatures.
  2. The method is also effective against colds and coughs in addition to fever!
  3. Along with minor diseases like the common cold and the flu, severe illnesses like issues with the eyes, liver, kidneys, and even the heart can benefit from prana healing. The diseases can be adequately cured in just a few hours.
  4. It can enhance your health and increase your stamina in addition to curing a number of medical issues.
  5. bring to contentment and inner calm.
  6. Boost your focus and memory.
  7. Improve spiritual development
  8. Become less stressed.
  9. Additionally, it might bring riches and good fortune.
  10. Strengthen your interpersonal abilities.
  11. Increases your sense of self.

Thus, Pranic healer meditation may be a potent and effective therapy for treating both physical and mental health issues. Have you ever received Pranic Healing treatments? If so, tell us about some of the advantages you’ve found from using this traditional healing method.

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