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Read these Most Effective Ways to Design Custom Hair Extension Boxes

The rising mania of hair extensions is increasing day by day. People don’t like to color their hair much so they go for having the hair wigs in their collection. According to research almost 13percent of women wear hair wigs whereas 93 percent of the women said they will start wearing the hair wigs in the future. So, if you are the one who is wondering to do the hair business or running a hair brand then keep in mind that the outer packaging leads to more sales.

So, go for having the custom hair extension boxes to change your brand sales chart.

According to the fortune business thoughts, it was specified that the market size globally for the hair sale was 2.35 billion which is projected to be 2.43 billion by 2028.

If you want outstanding packaging for the hair wigs then read the below listed effective designs:

Design Suggestively

Being kind of suggestive with your packaging as it can attract the most potential buyers from the market. You can increase the sales of your regular wigs by just changing their outer packaging.

Choose a nice triangular box style to encase your wings and the lean side of the triangle can be embellished with a bow. Moreover, do add a PVC window patch below the bow. By this people will be able to see the internally placed hair wigs quality without opening the box. Thus, the window touch will represent your brand’s transparency.

Be Morbid in Design

Shock your customers with the creativity of the design. You can show the window die-cut design in the haircut style. For instance, show the die-cut feature in the layers style haircut and then encase your hair wigs within the box.

Customers will get attracted to your box instantly as they will see that how the synthetic hair will look on their hair in this cutting style.

Thus, it will not be the most effective marketing ploy, but it will attract the attention of the customers which will enhance your sales chart.

Add text

Without the addition of some kind of interesting text, the boxes can never look good. So, go for choosing some of the incredible text ideas which can highlight the packaging. For instance, if you are adding the text on the grey background then add the text in white color as it will highlight the hair extension box packaging beautifully.

Moreover, always keep in mind the importance of text hierarchy. Adding the most important information in the large font size and the less important information in the small font size creates a hierarchy.

Insert Details

The plain packaging cannot get famous in the market whether your hair wigs are of the best quality. So, spice up the box by adding some of the interesting details of the hair wigs. You can tell the story of your brand and the product.

For instance, at the backside of the custom hair extension box section add the details of your brand that when it was established. Then specify the fine ingredients of the your product that from where you collected and how your wig have been formulated.

Moreover, do add the logo of green packs on the box to show that you are offering the product in green packaging. This logo stamp will show that your custom hair extension boxes are made of green sustainable material, which is good for the environment.

Where to get these Amazing Boxes?

Go for tracking down a competent packaging company to have such amazing packaging. You can ask for the mockups before placing the complete order. Kwick Packaging company is the best packaging company as they provide free shipping and free design services.


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