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Saturated Fat and Low-Carb Diets: Still More to Learn

We all aspire for a healthy life. We keep trying different ways to maintain good health in life. In this age of information explosion, there is a lot of information shared about the right diet and lifestyle. We are all aware that a diet that is low in saturated fats and cholesterol levels is usually preferred. Based on this assumption, many dieticians have come up with their unique diet plans. We often see advertisements of such diets where the plates are piled up with bacon, meat, eggs and other foods rich in saturated fats. These foods may not be as healthy as they seem because of the same reasons. Such foods may have adverse effects on heart health in the long run. However, you cannot come to conclusions about any diet unless you conduct a thorough analysis. This is exactly what some health researchers did. They wished to understand the perfect diet for men’s health as well as women’s health. They tried to assess different diets based on their benefits on the overall health of individuals.

How They Conducted Research About Different Diets?

Most of the healthy diets are designed to have lower carbohydrate levels. However, some of these diets had high levels of saturated fat that still made it unhealthy. The saturated fats could have adverse impacts on heart health in the future. This is why the American Association suggests just about 13 grams of saturated fats in the meal. This would amount to just about 6% of the high calorie diets. There are contradictions about the adverse effects and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that a low carbohydrate high saturated fat diet may prove useful when used for short-term.

To get a better understanding of the usefulness of such diets, a randomized diet trial was conducted. They asked 164 people to participate in this randomized diet trial. Each of the participants for the diet trial were regarded as overweight or obese. Three distinct diet plans were curated and the 164 were randomly allocated to one of the following three diet plans:

First Category: Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet

The first group of participants in the randomized trial were subject to a low carbohydrate high fat diet. To be more accurate, the diet included high fat content (60%), low carbohydrates (20%) and high saturated fat (21%). The diet is a classic example of a low carbohydrate diet with levels of saturated fat that is much higher than is recommended. 

Second Category: Moderate Carbohydrate Moderate Fat Diet

The second group of participants in this trial were made to have a diet that has moderate carbohydrate (40%), moderate fat (40%) and less saturated fat (14%). This carefully curated diet resembles a typical Mediterranean diet with high intake of fats. 

Third Category: High Carbohydrate Low Fat Diet

The third group of participants were made to have a high carbohydrate (60%), low fat (20%) and lower saturated fat (7%). The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends a similar diet. 

What Did They Conclude About the Diet?

The trial was conducted by subjecting the participants to these three distinct diet patterns for 20 weeks. The curators of the research also evaluated the risks for cardiovascular and other health disorders by measuring the LPIR (Lipoprotein Insulin Resistance) score. At the end of five months (20 weeks), it was observed that the participants in all the groups had similar scores of risk indicators and they were all benefited from the diet. The health of each participant improved due to the diet plan. So, what does this actually mean? Does diet not decide the health of the individual? Actually, quite the contrary. The study reveals some significant facts. Understanding these facts can help you choose the best diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding the Nuances of the Three Diet Plans

It is not what nutrition you get but how you get that nutrition that matters. The study clearly revealed similar results in high carbohydrate as well as low carbohydrate diet. The reason is simple. Unlike the regular notion conveyed by social media posts, the diet plates were not piled with steaks and bacon. 

The high carbohydrate intake of the participants in the first group was not owing to Soda, soft drinks or junk foods. They were relying on food that is cooked in the old-fashioned way. The people who chose a low carbohydrate diet were consuming lentils and plant-based foods to give them nourishment.

This shows that though the foods were high in saturated fats in the first category, the foods were healthy and not junk foods. Fiber intake was also high compared to the regular American diets. This allowed for better digestion.

The facts revealed from the study are simple. You must go for simple and healthy foods that are rich in nutrition while low in toxins.

5 Tips to Improve Your Diet and Revive Good Health

The facts show that adhering to a healthy diet may not be as difficult as it seems. You can cook the food of your choice at home and be assured of best health. Here are five simple tips to improve your health with an improved diet:

  • Reduce the intake of soft drinks and processed foods.
  • Increase the intake of sprouts, fruits, green vegetables, cereals and fresh vegetables.
  • Go for fresh meat, fish and poultry rather than processed ready to cook meats.
  • Reduce the intake of saturated fats. Avoid oily foods and instead choose steamed and boiled foods.
  • Reduce the intake of tea and coffee as these beverages also may have undesirable effects on overall health.

There are no special secrets to better men’s health or women’s health. Just simple diet changes and exercise can help to bring improvement in overall health for both genders. Good sleep and a stress-free mind would double the effect. You can stay healthy and fit at any age by taking the desired measures. So, start today and see the difference in overall health simply by changing your diet and lifestyle.

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