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Security Advise With An Infant At The Swimming Pool.

Security Advise With An Infant At The Swimming Pool.

The best thing you can do for a baby or toddler in or near water is to stay alert at all times.
Drowning is a more common problem than you might think in young children, who can drown in just a few inches of water. Security advise with an infant at the swimming pool. Such is why you must be particularly vigilant when your little one is near water.
Here are some tips for parents whereas baby is at the pool, at the beach, or near a body of water:
Keep your eyes on your child and stay alert. Even if there is a lifeguard nearby, don’t start reading a book or looking at your smartphone.

Do not use alcohol, medication, or drugs when you need to supervise your child.

If your child is learning to swim early, you probably advise will.
About participate to a few extents, for example, by holding her child on the spectacular surface of such water down one hand.
Do not have another child watch your little one in the water.
If you take part in a “swimming pool afternoon” with friends, make sure that an adult is always responsible for supervising the children (even if it means dividing the work between you so that it is not always the same person responsible. ).

Ideally, this adult should also know how to swim and train first aid.

Young children are more at risk of drowning. Your little one can slip away from you as soon as you are not looking and approach the water to satisfy his curiosity. As previously mentioned, if you have a garden swimming pool in your home, it is essential to put safety measures to avoid accidents.
Put at your child’s armbands or a swimsuit if you are at the beach nearby a lake or a river. He can also wear it to the pool if he cannot swim very well.
Always be ready to intervene in the event of a problem. For example, you can get information from firefighters, paramedics, or other associations around your home to register for first aid training.
Also, keep in mind that if your child swims outdoors, typically at the beach or in your garden, it is essential to protect their skin from the sun with sunscreen.

Pool and home security

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, even a small one, and you are a parent, you will need to follow specific rules when using it and secure it when you are not using it.
When using your garden pool, observe the following guidelines:
Please do not allow children to run around or play pushing themselves in the pool.
Do not let your child play with an inflatable mattress or equivalent, as it may suddenly deflate or your child may fall from it, which creates a dangerous situation.
If your pool is sloped, be sure to identify which side is deep and which is not, and don’t let your child dive where the water is shallow.

Do not allow one to enter the pool until you remove the protective cover altogether.

Please do not allow your child to step on the pool cover when stretched out, as they may accidentally fall into the pool and get stuck underneath.
Check that the filtration vents are in good condition and covered with protection to prevent your child from getting stuck in them.
If necessary, keep a pole or a rescue hook near your pool.
Tips for securing your backyard pool when not in use:
Install a barrier or fence around your pool (inflatable or buried).
The wall should be at least 1.2 m high and not have more than 10 cm openings.
The gate of this fence must close and lock itself. The lock should be as high as possible on the wall, and the gate should open outward.

Check that this door is still securely locked.

Install a protective tarpaulin is recommended but should not replace a barrier.
Do not leave toys lying around in or near the swimming pool, which creates a temptation for children.
Likewise, if you have a hot tub, cover it with a tarp and prevent access when not in use. Do not let a child under five use a hot tub to reduce the risk of heatstroke or drowning. Also, remember to never take your eyes off your child or baby when they are in the tub.
Check if local laws impose any particular restrictions on garden swimming pools.
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What type of swimsuit should I put on my baby swimmer?

A child learning to swim should ideally wear armbands or a floater suit to his waist. Her swimsuit should be tight enough around her legs to prevent poop from accidentally ending up in the pool

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