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SEO & Marketing for YouTube Channels

One billion people use YouTube each and every month, and the firm is responsible for 14 percent of all internet traffic. If you haven’t already, you should start promoting your YouTube channel using YouTube SEO services.

Can you explain what “Search Engine Optimization” means in the context of YouTube?

YouTube is a website where users may both view videos posted by others and post their own creations. Upon further inspection, you’ll see that it’s actually a search engine, not only a platform for viewing and downloading movies. YouTube’s search function is second only to Google’s in terms of user traffic.

Moreover, YouTube has its own search engine, so it uses its own SEO techniques and algorithms to decide which videos should be displayed at the top of search results (SERPs).

YouTube SEO, then, is the practice of improving a channel’s, playlist’s, and individual videos so that they perform better in search results.

The Way YouTube SEO Works

Website optimization (SEO) for YouTube is performed to improve a video’s position in search results. However, this is a very general response. In order to move further, you must finish the following list of platform-specific activities.

When evaluating the quality of a website, several different algorithms and factors are taken into account.

Below the video, you’ll see the total number of comments: The higher the quantity of comments, the more engaged the website perceives its user base to be.

Video runtime: According to data compiled by Backlink, the average amount of time a publication spends on the first page of search results is 14 minutes and 50 seconds. Blogger Eric Meyerson, then YouTube’s Head of Content Creation and now a YouTube Partner in Marketing, discussed the importance of this factor in determining a video’s position in search results back in 2012.

Starting in 2015, Google’s search results for videos will include the video’s duration alongside other factors.

The Total Number of Shares Issued in the Publication:

Video sharing on YouTube increases its ranking, as confirmed by YouTube’s own SEO expert John Muller, although this factor is ignored by Google. Yes, this is true even if Google ignores this consideration.

The amount of “Likes” that can be seen underneath the video:

The amount of likes on a video is one measure of the audience’s reaction to it, alongside the comments.

How many viewers became new subscribers after watching the video:

A high number for this measure tells YouTube that its readers found the article helpful and would like to see more content from the same channel.

Assuming there is a keyword in the title:

If a keyword appears in the title, it means the title accurately describes the content.

High-Definition (HD) video.

Sixty-eight percent of the first-page results in a YouTube SEO services search were recorded in high definition.

If you have a lot of subscribers but are still low on this list, don’t worry about it. We did not fail to notice it by accident. You can get a high-quality video from a small channel to the top of the results because YouTube’s algorithms don’t take into account the popularity of the channel as a whole. In contrast, Google considers the reliability of an entire website before prioritizing any particular page.

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