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Set Success from The Beginning with HR Onboarding Software

The traditional method of using spreadsheets has become an obsolete and old-school process of onboarding employees. It is because; the traditional method is time-taking in nature, and it is impossible to attend to each candidate individually. On hiring multiple candidates in a month, scheduling, tracking, sending, and reminding of those candidates’ details becomes difficult and is costly.

Statistically, Glassdoor reported that the average US employer spends about $4000 and considers 24 days for hiring new employees. To improve and fasten the process of onboarding candidates, HR Onboarding Software is used.

It is stated that with effective onboarding, it helps your candidates’ commitment to raising by 18x, 89% of cultural integration and 91% connectedness at workplace. With successful onboarding, it elevates employee engagement, satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity. As per the Society for Human Resource Management, it shows that nearly 70% of the employees are likely to retain with the company for at least 3 years.

How is HR Onboarding Software Helpful to the Companies?

Less Heavy Lifting and More Onboarding

Old-school onboarding helps involve manual work like filling out and filling drab forms. With the use of HR onboarding software, it helps to remove it, and HR teams have time to focus on new hires and face-to-face contacts.

Easy Store and Access to Information

This software helps centralize information securely under one roof and can be accessed anywhere. It helps easy access to information and modification of the same in a centralized way.

Providing Consistent Experience

With using this software, it helps streamline and standardization of processes, and that helps increase compliance with policies. It helps save time and ensures each one with providing valuable employee experiences.

Raised Productivity

Self-service capacities raises with the use of this software as new hires undertake to onboard after they set foot in the office. It refers to the fast setting in a short time for reaching complete productivity.

Why Opt for HR Onboarding Software?

Strong Experience of Employees

The onboarding process help set a good example for the company and focuses on things such as company culture, development of employees and frequent check-ins.

Higher Engagement of the Employees

Onboarding helps the employees feel connected to your company by providing a clear outlook regarding vision, mission, and values. Engaged employees help towards higher profitability and productivity with lowered absenteeism and turnover rate.

It helps build employee engagement with the raised possibility of early recognition, gathering, and using employee feedback.

Better Retention of Employees

Statistically, with a strong onboarding process, it improves new retention of hiring by about 82%. Employee retention is important and is an expensive aspect; hence employee turnover is quite expensive in nature. The onboarding process has to be at least 90 days to ensure acclimatization and assimilation in the long term.

Easy Attraction of Talents

With this software usage, it helps in the easy attraction of talent at the workplace. With an onboarding program, it helps attract strong candidates in an easy, fast, and less expensive way of hiring.

Raised Productivity

New hires help in organizing and building relationships for forging cross-functional teams. Over 70% of productivity is raised with onboarding the employees with decreasing proficiency.

Strong Company Culture

This software helps attract and retain talents, which helps build strong and intentional company culture by sharing it thoroughly with the onboarding process. About 60% of companies invest in employee onboarding quite easy.

The HR Onboarding Software is the platform which helps in the seamless conduction of the HR process with effective employee satisfaction. Effective employee onboarding helps improve the consistency of business, and that helps in speeding-up knowledge acquisition.


Employee Onboarding Software is important as it helps hire and streamline employees by ensuring easy management of forms and ensuring new employees stay upbeat. A personalized way of working helps socialize new hires throughout the onboarding and to move through their careers.

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