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Simple Mistakes While Academic Writing That Students Do Often

Entering senior studies means welcoming more challenges and more troublesome writing tasks. Academic writing has never been an easy task for students. No matter which standard they are studying or what subject they have chosen. At every level and stage of studying, the students are bound to make multiple mistakes when asked to work on an academic task. Since the academic writing task holds great importance in a student’s academic performance, we have seen many students searching a million sites to find the best assignment writing website every day.

The service providers are of great help today to help the student get out from their writing struggles. However, every university, college, and educational institution has its own marking criteria and staff to look upon students’ mistakes. Therefore, it is likely to happen whether you and your friend make the same writing mistake. Still, yours will be caught on the GPA calculator UK –based that your and your friend’s mistake will surpass. This gives you an idea that you should be concerned about the mistakes you are making because the supervisor will critically analyze your academic writing.

Since academic writing is a key that will make you witness success, you must know the common mistakes you are likely to make.

  • The Mechanical Issues

The widespread and emerging mistake of academic writing is our punctuations error. The wrong placement of punctuations and missing punctuation can make a lot of difference to the sentence’s meaning. These problems are not usually made by international students. Even the native speakers are likely to make the syntax and grammar errors called “Mechanical issues”.

The standard-issue that the nonnative writers make is converting. Or translating a sentence from their language in English by just placing the English word in the replacement. This is an entirely wrong technique for converting your thoughts into English. You need to have a proper translated sentence with all the correct punctuations to make sense of what you have written. These issues might seem minor to you, but they make a big difference to the content that you write for your academic writing project.

  • Losing the track

This is likely to happen that you lose track in the mid-way. The thoughts you have in your mind might make you lose track of what you were supposed to write in your academic assignment. (Li, X. M. (2017). Even when the students are assigned to work on an academic writing task, most professors and teachers repeat the work of “Stay on the topic” to their children so that they remember to follow their teacher’s directions as a necessary deed.

The teachers and supervisors emphasize staying on the topic is because it has become quite common that the students are likely to change their track in every other paragraph that you write. So after every one paragraph, when the students sit to write the next paragraph, they change the complete topic in their mind and do the same with their words.

  • Inappropriate writing

A significant number of students misinterpret academic writing and consider it as the same content written in the textbooks. This is the leading cause that students always make mistakes when working on their academic writing tasks. Of course, academic writing is a part of academia, but that does not mean that you need to work on it and produce similar content written in the books and other course material.

Though the adopted textbook writing style is only accepted if you are an expert and doing textbook writing as a job. If you still have a similar writing style without a solid reason, you should work on your writing style. The writing style matters a lot to make the reader understand why you invest a great deal of time writing the content.

Even the unclear or inappropriate writing style is never encouraged or entertained by the majority of the supervisors; they always expect a sense of professionalism from the content you write in the academic assignments.

  • The irrelevancy of the evidence

The other common mistake that students are likely to make. It is providing irreverent evidence to cite the information they have written. In many cases, students think that the supervisor is a fool and he doesn’t know about it. Or he won’t even check the citations and other pieces of evidence that they have given. Though this is the biggest mistake they made. Every other supervisor keeps the part of the evidence and referencing on end. To go in the depth of it peacefully with a great deal of time. With this being said, it is evident that the supervisor will sit down in disappointment by looking at the vague references in your content.

Whereas you need to make, yourself understand the importance of referencing. It needs to be given the same importance and deserves to be treated. The same way you are treating all the other essential parts of the academic writing project. Though it is understood that supporting your idea is not an easy task but keeping in mind its importance, it becomes mandatory for you to work accordingly.

  • No Attention-grabbing element

On average, the students take academic writing as a burden of responsibility on their heads. This is why they put in efforts just to finish the work as soon as they can. Unfortunately, the hustle in writing makes them just write whatever. They have in mind rather than planning about it a bit, making the content boring for the reader. Writing boring content is a mistake that a significant number of students make. When you are already giving in time and effort to something. You should think about producing something worth giving it a read.

Creative content is the only key to getting your reader going and reaching the dead end of the academic writing task.

These are the mistakes that every other student is likely to make. However, suppose you have the vision to ace your academic career and take a strong into the professional career. In that case, you will surely need to bid farewell to all these silly mistakes. As said by someone that “you learn from your mistakes”. So do the said act to make your academic writing fly to the sky of success after getting approved by your supervisor. Take the initiative now because you are the one who can work on your own mistakes.


Li, X. M. (2017). “Track (Dis) Connecting”: Chinese High School and University Writing in a Time of Change. In Writing and learning in cross-national perspective (pp. 49-87). Routledge.

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