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Singapore Resale Flat Renovation Tips You Need to Know


Are you excited to move into your newly purchased apartment? But it is a resale flat and you are worried about its renovation. While buying a resale flat has its advantages, sometimes you need to go through a thorough renovation process. The reason is that most resale flats are years old and might demand some extensive repair. For that, you need a feasible plan to make the renovation work.

Every renovation must start with a proper assessment of the space. You can even hire professionals for Singapore resale flat renovation. Nonetheless, you must gather enough knowledge and have a clear idea about what the renovation should look like. As you go further in the article, you will istanbul escort understand what the necessary considerations to make before getting started are.

What should anyone buy for a resale flat?

A resale flat is an HDB apartment that was previously owned by someone else. The initial owner then put it on sale. Resale properties often cost a lot less than newly built apartments. The age and condition of the flat are the few determiners of the cost. Even after spending much on hdb 4 room renovation, you can save a lot of money. There are several benefits why people often opt for buying resale flats.

  • Resale flats are generally found on the outskirts of the city. If you want to live away from the hustle of the city, then this should be the perfect place.
  • No need to wait until the construction gets over. These flats are ready to move in with all the amenities. No need to worry about getting a new gas line or an Internet connection.
  • It will save you big on taxes. You have to pay a lot less tax compared to buying a new apartment.

Important considerations to make before starting the process –

Proper remodeling can make your resale apartment purchase worthwhile. Many companies even offer hdb 4-room renovation packages.  Here are some useful tips to make the process a smooth one. Whether you hire professionals for Singapore resale flat renovation or design yourself, these tips will come in handy.

  • Consider the room for improvement –

Do not be in a rush to start the renovation as soon as the flat gets handed over to you. Take your time in assessing the condition and then conclude. Look around to check if some built-in structures are in dire need of reconstruction and repair. In case you feel clueless you can always ask for help from Singapore resale flat renovation experts.

  • Fix any electrical issues –

It is not a good idea to have old and faulty electrical wiring and compromise your safety. This is common with resale flats as they are usually old. Try fixing any electrical issues as immediately as possible. Call in an electrician to check for faulty wirings before it turns out to be life-threatening.

  • Pay attention to the plumbing  –

Bathrooms that are in not-so-good conditions are one of the major drawbacks of purchasing a resale flat. You can not go ahead with other renovation works without fixing any plumbing issues. A lot of time bathroom and kitchen pipes get either clogged or leak due to damage. In both cases, a plumber can fix the problems by repairing or replacing the pipes.

  • Be careful while changing the layout –

It is normal to feel the need for redesigning the space as per your choice. The build and design of the previous owner may not suit your lifestyle or taste. Demolishing some walls is the only way of changing the layout of the resale flat. If you wish to do so then be ready to spend some extra bucks. You can remove and rebuild a wall in a different position to revamp the old design entirely.

  • Fix a budget –

Having a clear budget before venturing into any renovation process is a must. The resale flat often demands a substantial change to fit the needs of the current owner. This can be quite heavy on your pockets. Therefore, you must fix a practical budget considering all the construction needs that may appear in the process.

  • Damp proof the walls –

Moisture can get into your roofs and walk wreaking havoc. To prevent this from happening, handling the damp at an initial stage is a must. Damp can not only damage the structure but also can cause moulds and fungus. Finding out all the leaking cracks and joints as soon as possible can resolve the matter efficiently.

  • Play with colours –

The most effective way of making the Singapore resale flat renovation successful is to paint them. A thoughtfully chosen colour palette can elevate the look of interior manifolds. It will help even a resale flat look impressive and sharp. We know that a whole renovation process can be quite expensive. Still, try not to save too much on painting as it will contribute a lot to transforming the space entirely.

  • Other general repairs –

Look into other aspects of a house’s interior like doors, grills and other safety measures. Making your space a secure one is of primary importance. Consider whether the front door is in good condition or not. You might want to replace the door with a good quality one. Check other things like the kitchen flooring to see if it’s anti-slip.


Renovation can be an overwhelming experience. It is easy to feel lost amidst the endless aspects of renovating an interior. A Singapore resale flat renovation expert can help you out in this regard and lessen your burden.

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