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Digital Marketing

Smart Budget is Essential for Digital Marketing Results

Organizations are frequently unsure of how much budget to allocate to digital marketing projects. To be successful in business, a company must understand digital marketing and incorporate it into their marketing budget. A Digital Marketing project is analogous to a machine with numerous moving parts.

Our Experience in Digital marketing

Based on our experience, we are aware that every organisation is different, and we strive to reflect this in our straightforward digital marketing programs that provide the best approach to achieving your objectives.

We can ensure that our efforts will be well-coordinated because we are a part of your company’s marketing department. Regular communication between our coordinator and your company’s sales and marketing staff is maintained.

Sales Team

The sales team at most companies is typically not very knowledgeable about the goals of digital marketing and how they would support the month’s marketing strategies. To help the business get off the ground, we offer assistance with the initial marketing strategy. Website Drona is one of the trusted Digital Marketing Service Provider in Delhi aims to provide all-inclusive programs for managing digital brands, including brand identity, logo, marketing collateral, web design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Best Digital Marketing Company strategically cost-effective, we have strategies for every business, whether it is just starting out, expanding, or looking for additional money to spend on ad campaigns.

Let’s take a look at which factors affect your digital marketing budget?

When planning your digital marketing budget, you need to consider the following factors:

1) Creation of a Website

You must have a website with a clear goal, a call to action that is obvious, and strong brand identification. Additionally, a website must be search engine friendly.

2) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A low-cost strategy for raising brand awareness and company visibility is Social Media Marketing. Building and maintaining your customer network is essential for a successful social media marketing plan, then communicate with your customers through social media in interesting and engaging ways.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Enhancing your website’s exposure in search engines is done through Search Engine Optimization. It is the most efficient technique to get in front of your intended audience and will help you become more well-known, drive more traffic, and establish reputation in the industry.

4) Paid Ads

To have a great ROI, paid advertising is necessary (return on investment). You can choose to use Google (PPC), Facebook, or other social media sites to run your paid advertisements.

Additional Tip for Calculating ROI on SEO Activities

A Method for Calculating Return on Investment

Let’s analyse your potential monthly ROI now that we have calculated our investment and revenue.

The ROI calculation looks like this if you spend roughly Rs. 60,000 on SEO activities in a month and the revenue generated was Rs. 2,50,000 then the Return on Investment calculation goes like below.

(Rs. 2,50,000 – Rs. 60,000) / Rs. 60,000 = 3.1

Basic sense, this indicates that for every 1Rs invested in SEO, 4Rs are return. It basically translates to approx. 300 % ROI in the month.

The formula and steps above can be used as a starting point to determine the ROI of your SEO strategy over any chosen time period. Knowing the results of your SEO efforts is an effective approach to inform your client and provide motivation for future projects and budgeting for additional SEO.


Any SEO effort, in the opinion of best digital marketing service provider in Delhi “Website Drona” carried out and tracked with clear objectives. We have been managing the SEO objectives of over 15+ clients. Each month, we meet with the client and go through the analytics, reports, and expected future results.

Our success with SEO projects with clients from other countries serves as a reference to the passion we have for the best method of driving organic traffic and conversions to dynamic, large-scale websites. For more details email us at

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