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Social media advertising Services: a step-by-step plan

Table of Contents

  1. Social Media Advertising Strategies 
  2. What is social media advertising?
  1. Level 1: Campaign
  2. Level 2: Ad Set
  3. Level 3: Ads
    • . Increase the notoriety and visibility of your brand
  1. Optimally expand engagement with your community.
  2. Increase visitor traffic to your website!
  3. Increase leads
  4. Take a positive leap in your sales.
  • It may interest you
  • Online advertising: where to start? 
  • Social media advertising Services: a step-by-step plan 
  • Ten techniques to improve your Remarketing on Facebook and Instagram Ads

It is common for you to see ads from different brands promoting a particular service or product. And just as they reach you, they do so with many users… Do you want to have that reach with your brand? I wrote this article for you to know everything about advertising on social networks: a step-by-step plan.

Ready to start?

Social Media Advertising Strategies

I know you always want to stand out on the networks and achieve effective conversions. For that, the first thing you should know is that it is a great alternative to the difficulties of reaching your target audience organically. So, various advertising strategies on social networks become your allies as they are the ideal ways for you to create great business opportunities in a precise and segmented way directly towards those who are interested in being seen.

Another advantage this type of campaign gives you is the opportunity to optimize and improve your communication mechanisms on each platform you use. As a result, your results will come closer to your goal because you will send the correct message from the right medium to the right audience.

A very important aspect is its cost, which, for the most part, is below other types of advertising on digital platforms, which means a favorable aspect, which makes it much more attractive for companies and different brands, or is it that Haven’t you thought about improving your sales without having to invest so much?

But there is much more! Advertising on social networks helps you to obtain a better organic behavior in your publications because those who saw one of your posts to which you paid promotion will surely be interested in the rest and will be more aware of you and what you do.

Do you want a bonus? Well, paid campaigns on social media advertising services allow your followers to interact with you, and you already know that this is essential for your digital positioning.

And if you are still not convinced of the importance of advertising on social networks, think about this: a few years ago, there were Digital Trafficker or Media Buyer positions in companies. And they have become a great need because not everyone knows how to implement a digital advertising strategy that allows you to obtain satisfactory results.

What is social media advertising?

At this point, I think you already have a little idea about what advertising on social networks or Facebook ads is, but if you have any doubts, I will clarify them for you.

Advertising on social networks, also called social ads, consists of showing advertisements paid by businesses so that users carry out a certain action. For example, clicking and visiting the web, buying, registering, etc.

The ad manager or Business Manager should always carry out Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns. It is the tool that Facebook provides us to do professional advertising.

The structure of advertising campaigns on social networks is divided into three levels:

Level 1: Campaign

Advertising goals are framed within a sales funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

You choose the objective according to what you want to achieve, and you can select the budget at the campaign level.

This is very important, as it will show the ads to users who are more likely to take a certain action.

Level 2: Ad Set

In this section, we will select the segmentation, budget, date, location, type of bid, etc.

Level 3: Ads

What users are going to see: the image, text, call to action or URL.

Therefore, it is very important to select the right objective and message.

We would have three parts:

  • Branding strategy: Capture attention
  • Prospecting Strategy: Convince
  • Retargeting Strategy: Close and Convert

REMEMBER: The work you do with the brand in organic -your account- must enhance the advertising part and vice versa.

You must include advertising on Facebook and Instagram in your marketing strategy. Still, if you only work on advertising on social networks, you will not be successful in the long term.

We provide the best services in this field, so if you want these services, you must visit a social media marketing firm.


You cannot start creating a network campaign without first considering the objectives you want to achieve. Otherwise, you could lose the investment by not achieving the goal you have in mind due to a bad approach.

So open your notepad and start writing the plan and what you want to achieve, which can be geared towards these variables:

Increase the notoriety and visibility of your brand

Optimally expand engagement with your community.

Increase visitor traffic to your website

Increase leads

Take a positive leap in your sales.

Focus on the audience; for that, you must work on segmentation and bet on the right audience, which adapts to the selected objective and thus directs all your efforts well.

Remember that the profile of the public is different on each platform, fundamentally in terms of age range, and you cannot ignore this when making your content plan because the message must be appropriate. The same happens with demographic data; if you know your buyer person well, you will know how to outline them properly.

Important! The perfect audience does not exist… You should try new ones and optimize them in each campaign you run.


Regarding the content, take into account these tips so that you create it based on what suits you best:

  • It should be directly related to your brand personality.
  • Never leave out the CTAs (calls to action) because they are the ones that will translate into conversion. You have to use action verbs like Subscribe, participate, register, find out…
  • Avoid grammatical errors.
  • Includes links.
  • Use very well writing tools such as titles and subtitles. That will allow you to get the message across better.
  • If you decide to promote a video, make sure that the content is of quality and easy to understand so that the audience wants to see it in full and abide by your CTA.

You must also select the social network you will invest in, depending on the sector in which you operate, the objective to be achieved, and the public you want to target. That will define the success of your social media advertising campaign in terms of profitability and return on the investment you make in your digital marketing plan.

My recommendation for you regarding Facebook and Instagram is to choose between photo, carousel, video or collection. But, of course, this also depends on your goal to achieve. And if you want to target your website, you should select link ads, while if you want to make a product presentation, the option for you is dynamic ads.


Another noteworthy fact is the implementation of remarketing. In this way, you can reach a person who has visited your website and has not reached the final step of the purchase for some reason. Then you can achieve, through social media ads, to complete the purchase.

But not everything ends when you make the payment, and your promotion is already circulating on the networks. So the work continues and is constant. In developing the campaign, you will likely have to make changes to it to optimize it. That is only possible by correcting what is not working and enhancing what is translating into positive results for your brand.

You should apply metric analysis tools to determine what works and doesn’t. Because it’s no use spending money on something if you don’t measure that return on investment.

For more info, click here.

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