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online counselling

  • Reference and EducationOnline counselor: Online Therapy to Overcome Observer Bias

    Online Therapy to Overcome Observer Bias

    Online Counselor: When an observer’s expectations about a person, item, or event affect their perceptions, this is referred to as observer bias. In other words, observer bias is a sort of bias that happens when a writer’s personal beliefs or viewpoints interfere with their capacity to address a topic objectively. When a researcher has expectations about what will happen, this…

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  • RelationshipsBenefits of Online Counselling

    Online Counselling and its benefits

    With the mental wellness stigma declining in our society, more people are looking for help and treatment options to manage their complex lives. Are you one of these people? Are you one of them? Online counselling is one of the new options for mental health treatment. Online therapy allows you to connect with a licensed Online Counsellor using any device that has…

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