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  • Fashion7 Types of Cowboy Boots for 7 Occasions

    7 Types of Cowboy Boots for 7 Occasions

    A new trend is emerging in fashion – cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are not just for cowboys or country folk. They are now being seen on the fashion runway and on everyday people.  With the popularity of country music and western-themed movies, people are looking for different ways to express their personal style while still paying homage to the classic…

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  • Fashion

    How to Dress Up for Your First Day at Work

    Presenting yourself well on your first day at work is essential. It can make a good impression and help you feel more confident as you start your new role. In addition, research suggests that dressing in a more powerful way can make someone feel more relaxed. So if you want to feel confident and booming on your first day, appearance…

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