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The 4 Cornerstones Of Effective Amazon Advertising

In the present, there are around 90 million Amazon Prime customers Each one of them spends on average $1,400 per every year with Amazon.

Think about the math. It’s amazing, in the extreme. You’re probably aware about these numbers.

The question you, as well as everyone else selling on Amazon are asking is: “Given those numbers, how can I continue to grow my market share in this huge area that’s very competitive?

It’s true that it gets more complex by the minute however, the top-performing companies in Amazon will have one main thing they share: They have the upper hand on Amazon Advertising.

Amazon PPC Is No Longer An Option, It’s A Necessity.  

A large portion of surface space within Amazon result pages is filled with ads in the present. To be noticed it is essential to be involved, and you shouldn’t just put money into ads and hope that it will work.

It’s not working and can destroy your budget as if it were a wildfire. It’s time to develop a plan, but at the moment, it’s so easy to find options to market your product and so many options for placement that it’s easy for you to become lost or confused.

What should you do with your Amazon PPC efforts? We recommend building a solid base on the four cornerstones listed below:

  • Campaign Quality
  • Keyword Quality
  • Budget Efficiency
  • Brand Awareness

It’s true that laying the foundation requires time along with experience and knowledge. A solid foundation will help you with your marketing efforts for the long-term.

Campaign Quality

The quality of a campaign is often neglected in the process of setting up campaigns.

Many start with auto-targeting campaigns, but stop there. Some fail to expand beyond the basic concepts of sponsored products ads, and overlook opportunities such as Product Targeting.

Some, who are trying to get immediate results, either run just one campaign, or make multiple campaigns that are too numerous to handle.

The best approach is to Start small and then prepare to expand your efforts. Do not throw in every kitchen sink possibility.

Create campaigns in a clear simple format so you can easily edit them and improve them over time and easily include keywords or transfer them from one category to another.

Begin small and take the time to observe what works can stop the possibility of costly mistakes in the future.

Keyword Quality

Keywords becoming too much of a problem? If so, you’re using up your advertising budget. The more keywords you’ve got and the more broad the market you’re casting. But it’s not always the best thing.

Try experimenting using keywords but don’t overdo it and hope for clicks and clicks.

It’s all about high-quality keywords that can be converted. We have many clients who contact us with hundreds of keywords in one campaign.

Along with the campaign’s unruly nature the clients are also losing money, reducing and making results more complicated, and they are unable to scale up when their Amazon presence grows.

Use your data to identify the keywords that convert the highest, then trim and cut! Cut down on keyword overlap and concentrate on strong keywords that have a good conversion rate. Quality over quantity every time. The results will be immediate.

Budget Efficiency

One common error sellers make is to monitor keyword bids , while ignoring the amazon ppc daily budget.

By doing this, you are not seeing the big picture. Budgets are vital for achieving overall goals.

If you focus on individual bids and not focusing on the budget for the day companies and sellers are more likely to be left out of the opportunity to advertise throughout the day. 

Additionally, they are more likely to spend too much money on campaigns that don’t work. Be focused on details however, don’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty.

However, even though Amazon will encourage you to increase your spending every time you hit a maximum, the reason is that it helps them.

A budget increase isn’t always the most effective solution. We suggest that you raise your budget for an item that has had results and has led to sales.

Brand Awareness

Don’t just focus on your products , and you’ll miss out on selling and positioning your brand more effectively.

If you’re eligible to join the Amazon Brand Registry, register! It’s not just a way to defend your brand from counterfeiters and hijackers but will also allow you to gain access to a variety of effective advertising tools accessible via the Amazon Brand Registry.

  • Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Storefronts
  • A+ Content

Through the use of Sponsored Brand Ads we’ve significantly increased traffic to the brands of our clients.

They also sell more items they often make additional sales from their catalogs and also strengthen their brands in general.

Effective brand recognition is dependent on a well-planned category keyword target and extending beyond brand-name phrases.

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