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The Best Home Cleaning Companies: Guide to Choosing the Right Company for you!

Are you looking for a competent and reliable cleaning company for stair washing, office cleaning, or something completely different in the field of cleaning services? we have since many delivered beautiful and clean results for individuals and businesses in and around Rengøringsfirma (Cleaning company). You should therefore not hesitate to contact us if you want help with the cleaning of a Professional Cleaning Company.

The service company Retell is one of the few in the industry that has a license for both cleaning and window cleaning. This means that we think about the environment all the way around and take our environmental responsibility seriously. Read more about the cleaning here.

The service company is a responsible cleaning company, where you can have confidence that what we agree on is also what we deliver. And the responsibility does not stop there. With a commercial cleaning with us, you get a company that values ​​the environment highly, and therefore our cleaning and window cleaning is Swan-labeled with the official licenses from Denmark. In short, this means that we do not burden the environment, ours, and your employees unnecessarily. Read more about the Nordic and what it entails here

An agreement with the service company works in such a way that we, together with you, describe exactly the services we are to provide. In addition to Rengøringshjælp (cleaning help), the agreement may also include services within window cleaning.

The service employees and managers associated with your company, we strive to be the same year after year. It ensures a stable and professional service – every time. We need to be a small, integral part of your business. The managers ensure that qualified replacements also know your company when replacements are need in connection with holidays and illness.

A company with a focus on cleaning

Are you looking for an efficient cleaning company that does not compromise on quality? The service company provides an immaculate and tailor-made cleaning of your office, which matches all your needs. With a cleaning agreement with us, you are always assured of professional employees who provide a thorough cleaning every single time.

Both cleaning for business and for private homes

We have over many years of experience and many employees who are ready to help with the daily cleaning. Whether it is in small or large workplaces both in the private and in the public or at home in private homes. Our dedicated employees are ready with brooms and buckets. For many years, we have gathered a wide range of private and business customers. Which has given us the experience required for the vast majority of work tasks.

Company cleaning with close customer contact

We take great pride in providing service beyond what is expected, and we have the vision to become Denmark’s best service Rengøringsfirma (cleaning company). We place a high value on customer relations, and this shines through in our results. With our many years of experience, we are aware that the planning of good. And thorough cleaning is not the same for everyone. Therefore, the close customer relationship we offer is crucial for a good result. The good and close dialogue helps to ensure that your needs and wishes are met. With a cleaning agreement with us, you get a close dialogue with our management. So you can tailor exactly the cleaning plan that suits you.

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