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The Best Work Purse Styles for a Night Out

Every woman enjoys a night off. And if you deserve a night off from work, your work purse does too. There are too many times in a woman’s life when she tosses her work purse aside. It happens at the end of the day. It happens over the weekend. And it can happen when you’re leaving for a night out. But instead of leaving your work bag behind, get a work purse that can pull off the day-to-night transition. There are many styles that are worth the investment, but the following four work purses are some of the best to show off.

A Chic Top Handle Crossbody

If you don’t carry many items to and from work, you could use a relatively small bag. These can vary in size. You might even be able to get a small, square tea box bag. A tea box bag with a luxurious, Italian leather exterior is perfect for a night out. Some of the best bags even feature a removable card case for easy access. Make sure it’s easy to carry and that the exterior material is ethically produced. Try not to load it up with work gear unless you can make a brief stop at home after leaving the office.

The Work Purse with a Detachable Clutch

Sometimes, your professional life takes you on work trips. Yet, you are not required to cut out the fun. If you invest in a large work purse for traveling, you should look for one that comes with a complimentary item. Little additions like a detachable clutch make it easy to leave your big bag behind in a secure place. Just be sure the bag features four metal feet at the bottom, so it stands effortlessly upright while protecting the base of the bag. Take the clutch out for a casual dinner with coworkers or solo evenings at a swanky cocktail bar.

A Convertible Work Purse with a Charismatic Hue

When you shop for a designer bag to take to work, comfort should be a deciding factor. This quality is crucial if you commute to your workplace. Women who commute might choose a sleek, convertible backpack tote. If you want to be able to take your work purse out for a well-deserved night off, it should have a kind of chic charisma. This characteristic can easily come from the color and materials. If you like convertible backpacks, find one with ethically produced, full-grain Italian leather in a red hue for a splash of excitement when you take it out on the town.

The Easy Duffle Bag That Travels Well

There are as many ways to spend your time outside of work as there are work purses in the world. If your idea of a night out includes visiting a friend’s place or going to the gym, a sophisticated duffle-style traveler bag is an excellent choice. Designer duffle bags are gorgeous and unique pieces to carry into work. These work travel bags also transition into the perfect, casual crossbody. They’re even better with vibrantly colored sustainable materials like water-resistant Italian nylon. Be sure to find a traveler bag with handles that can fold down for easy storage or so you can place it under a plane seat during your travels.

Investing in a versatile and fashionable work purse can make transitioning to a night out easy. It is a fantastic way to ensure you look stylish and feel prepared for anything the night brings. There are too many ways a night off the clock can go for you to wing it with an inadequate accessory. Trust in your designer work purse, and it will never lead you astray. Plus, every hard-working bag deserves a night off from work—just like you.


As working professionals, modern women need a bag that looks as fabulous as they do while keeping them organized. JEMMA creates luxurious designer work purses that are built to give you the organization you need to keep your work running smoothly, paired with elegant and timeless silhouettes. JEMMA only uses the highest quality, ethically produced materials, including full-grain Italian leather and Italian nylon, to create their signature styles. You’ll always have enough room for your laptop or tablet, paperwork, and personal items when you choose a designer JEMMA work satchel. The padded, reinforced straps allow you to comfortably carry your work bag all over the city and the globe. Keep all your personal and work essentials organized with a luxury bag from JEMMA.

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