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The Evolution of Everyone’s Favorite DC Comics Logo

Who isn’t aware of DC comics of today? Talk to anyone in your circle and they will tell you about their most love DC comics and the length of time they have been reading them for. DC Comics have been around for quite a while beginning in the 1930s as National Allied Publications in 1930s The company has grown from being an anthology-base tabloid publication to becoming one of the biggest publishers of comics. It’s been an amazing transition and exciting for DC Comics and we are completely in love with the brand We’re all in love with it, aren’t we? The credit for all of the well-known characters like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and nearly every comic you’ve ever read goes to the one and only DC comics. If a brand is able to achieve this kind of popularity the logo must reflect the level of fame, don’t you think? That’s what we will discuss in this article.

It’s surprising that the brand didn’t switch its names in the form of DC Comics until the latter part of the 1900s. However, DC has been a logo’s mainstay since 1940. Let’s take a look at how often the iconic logo has change until today.

Want to know what DC is?

What is DC?

Well, well well, DC Comics has quite an intriguing tale since it actually is the acronym for Detective Comics. While it may sound odd, the name was a constant until today, but the bizarre business name came about as a result of a partnership with National Allied Publications and their distributor, who was a part of the new magazine by the company Detective Comic. Because the partnership was design to create this magazine, the company create the name Detective Comics Inc.

1) ADC Publications Logo

At first, the company publish their comics with a simple and simple logo in order to market their brand Detective Comics Inc, in 1940. Instead of writing out the entire title, they use simply was a red DC Publications. The shape of a circle contain the brand name to signify that of the DC Comics brand for the many years to be.

2.) Superman DC Comics logo

In time, the Superman was the most popular design of National Allied Publications and the company decide to display this through their emblem. The circular design remain in place, but the new logo was “A Superman Publication” with DC being in the middle of the logo. The design was change in 1949 when the company made the decision to change its title in the name of National Comics. The logo design was the same , however it read “Superman National Comics”. However, DC was still at the middle of the logo.

3) Red Superman DC Comics Logo

When the brand was launch in 1949, creators change the name of the brand in 1949 to National Comics and subtly alter the logo to reflect the new name. The logo wasn’t just all white and black anymore, an element or red add in order to reflect the brand’s new avcılar escort identity.

4) DC Comics

It was during the 70s, in 1972 to be precise, that the iconic large sans serif DC letters first came into use in the form of a simple circle.This logo was use from 1972 until 1974 until DC decide to play around with it once more.

Five) DC Comics with Stars

It was at this point that comic book enthusiasts create their name DC Comics to National Comics due for the design. In the early 1970s was the time when the brand made the decision to take out the words from its logo and to emphasize the characters of DC exclusively. The logo was not attractive and in 1974 the logo was change to a red, blue and white colors that include additional words such as The Line of Super Stars around DC. One of the major changes to its logo was inclusion to both the sides with red stars DC.For more check out colourist logo and the write for us UI/UX  design

6.) DC Comics with four stars

The stars add a unique style in the DC logo, and was apparently love by everyone but a bit too much. The brand eventually decide to take off the text and instead add four stars to the DC in the middle. The year 1977 saw the brand’s official name was DC Comics as it is the most commonly use name. The logo remain the same for more than three decades until the year 2005.

7) Plain DC Comics

In the meantime the company was establishing its name through expanding to live action television and films which require changes to the logo since DC Comics was not restrict to comics alone any longer. To reflect its role in the entertainment industry, DC Comics decide to modify their logo. The current blue and white logo was the first featuring a single, long-lasting circle. They chose a shooting stars that were surround by an entirely different DC insignia. The logo was later re-introduce in its current form, however it show a metal and blocky-looking logo that had”DC Comics” below it “DC Comics” below it.

Closing up!

The logo was develop as a result of a simple partnership that was form, it is now the DC Comics logo has gone quite a ways and has been transform massively every time. It has always feature the well-known S shield, or bat symbol for the most well-known superheroes. Because DC is expanding into different fields, including entertainment it is likely to undergo other adjustments. However, it is anticipated that the designers won’t overlook its roots and incorporate them into every other logo for brands to come.

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