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Tips For Creating a Profitable HMO

Given the potential for high yields and high occupancy rates, landlords and property investors are increasingly interested in HMO properties. Following the Government’s recent implementation of the “graduate route,” demand for such homes is expected to grow even more.


But what should potential property investors keep in mind when purchasing HMOs? Mistoria Group put up these strategies to guarantee you get the most out of your investment.


Location is Key

Students and young professionals are the most frequent renters of HMOs. As a result, popular university towns, such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Salford, should be the ideal places to invest in HMO properties.


The property should be accessible to the university campus, public transportation, and local services such as stores, bars, and nightlife. Choose neighbourhoods with a high concentration of student renters to minimize commute time. Other students will want to live in these areas so that they may be near their friends and other people with similar hobbies and interests.

We can assist investors in locating high-yielding houses that are ideal for the student market at Henry Clare.



Investors and landlords should think about how many people they want to house in each of their rental properties. In a property with fewer tenants, residents will have a higher quality of life. There will be less conflict between roommates, resulting in a lower chance of a tenant leaving your home. The number of maintenance concerns should also decrease. However, having more renters increases rental income and minimizes the effect on your earnings if one tenant leaves the property.


Renters should also consider the number of rooms available before choosing an HMO. The space you’ll need is influenced by your lifestyle and activities. Before entering the market, investors should study the HMO sector and relevant legislation thoroughly. There are certain room minimums that landlords must be aware of in HMOs. If rooms don’t fulfil these standards, they will be unable to get an HMO license.


High Returns

Before making a purchase, investors should always ensure that the anticipated rental return on a property is adequate. The yearly gross income should be divided by the purchase price plus renovation expenses to calculate the rental yield. If purchasing a house that has already been converted into an HMO but does not currently offer a high rental yield, investors should research what can be done to improve it before committing to a purchase.


Clare seeks to generate a total yield of 13 per cent from all ventures (8% rental yield + 5% capital yield).


High-end HMOs

The demand for high-end accommodation is at an all-time high. Investors and landlords should think about furnishing their homes to a greater specification than they previously did. This might include ensuites, televisions, fast internet, and premium beds and sofas. Such activities will boost rental rates and may also attract a tenant who is easier to manage.


Look for Houses that Have Been Reduced in Price.

Older homes, on the other hand, maybe more costly to maintain. They are, however, considerably larger than modern residences. As a result, they’re ideal for HMOs. Unused storage and common areas may be converted into additional rooms that can then be rented out to a greater number of people. A few of the bigger rooms can also have ensuites added to them. If you’re looking for investment property companies, take a look at Mistoria Group.


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