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Tips to Writing an SEO Optimized Content – 2022

An SEO Optimized Content is the content which search engines like. Which means if it likes your content then it will probably rank it better. So, it is very important to write content accordingly.

Steps To Write an SEO Friendly Content

Following Are The 9 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content SEO Friendly and Rank High on GOOGLE And Other SERPs

Length of Keyword Phrase

Keyword phrase length evaluation evaluates whether there is a main keyword that covers the entire article and whether the length is too long. For example, if you have the keywords ‘make cheese’ and ‘make organic cheese’, the search volume for the latter will be lower than the former. This is not to say that you have to make your keywords long. We recommend using keyword variations that are related to your main keyword.

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Secondary keywords

Secondary keywords are evaluated by judging whether to use them for other posts or pages already on the site. Optimizing multiple posts or pages with the same keywords can lead to duplicate content issues. In other words, it confuses which page or post Google should rank for a particular search term. You can lower the rank of two posts tailored to specific keywords and increase the rank of posts on other sites. Therefore, please write content with related or similar keywords rather than duplicate keywords.

Title length

It’s probably self-evident that the first thing potential visitors to your site see on a search results page is the title. Since the purpose of your SEO title is for people to click on your snippet and come to your website to make a purchase, you should write your title with clear keyword phrases that aren’t too long.

Existence of Keyword Phrases in The Introductory Part

People who click on your posts and come to your website want to be clear about your topic as soon as possible. The intro is very important because the beginning of the post determines whether or not to continue reading this article. Also, it is recommended to include keywords because the Google search engine reads the introduction and judges the site when it reads it.

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Check Keyword Density

It literally evaluates how many keywords are used in the text. According to Yoast SEO, it is better to reduce the frequency of use when using long keyword phrases than in the case of short keyword phrases. In general, it is recommended to write content with a density of keyword phrases of 0.5 to 3%, and you should write it so that it contains 4 to 5 times based on 300 characters. Google tries to match your search terms to the most relevant webpages. It reads the contents of the website content in advance and links to the exposed page that matches the search term. Therefore, it should be repeated appropriately in a line that does not cause discomfort to the reader.

Length Of Body Text

There are many reasons why text length is important to SEO. First of all, pages with very small amounts of content are likely to be considered by search engines as content of no value to users. Also, the longer the content, the easier it is for search engines to determine the content. Especially if it’s optimized for keyword phrases. It also increases the likelihood of exposure to multiple long-tail keywords (specific keywords that are extended from the main keyword).

Meta Description

A meta description is a short, additional description that you can add to a post or page. Google displays meta descriptions under the search title within search results. Even with this small text, the CTR (click-through rate) makes a big difference, so it is important to write the content in a way that can properly connote the content. At this time, writing to include keywords in the meta description is also highly evaluated in terms of SEO. We recommend keeping your meta description within 120 to 156 characters.

Inbound & Outgoing linking

Assess whether links to other pages within your website exist. Google uses links to search for and rank content on its website. Therefore, there must be an internal link within the content that can move to other posts. Please devise a way to insert a device that can lead to other texts directly inside the content. It also evaluates the existence of outgoing out-going links. It is also a good idea to provide pathways to other sites.

Alt Texts

By adding alt text, you can provide a textual description of the image to screen readers and search engine users. There are 4 or more images in the content, and it is recommended to keep the images with keywords as alt values around 30-70%. If the number of images including keywords exceeds 70%, please note that search engines may regard it as overuse of keywords.


As I write, I work hard on content according to the recommendations of Yoast SEO. However, there are many things to improve for search engine optimization in terms of technical aspects (site speed, error page improvement, etc.) other than those mentioned here. By following our best practices to get a high SEO score, you will see an increase in your inflow through organic search. Be sure to check your SEO before writing and publishing content.


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