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Top 9 IoT Devices for Smart Home Automation

Top 9 Home IoT Appliances


When it comes to a luxury lifestyle, IoT products have never failed to attract people with their convenience and comfort. Not only comfort but these devices proved to be very useful in saving time too. With the increased demand for smart appliances in the home, automation Companies have started adding IoT technology to most of their products. If you’re looking to make your home smart too, check out this list of some of the best IoT devices that you can use in your home for better security and comfort.

Smart Lighting

With smart lighting, you can program your lights according to your needs. For example, you can adjust the brightness as per your mood or during watching movies. Your lights can be automatically turned on when you enter the house and off when you left. In addition to this Smart lights can be controlled with your mobile or laptop.

Smart Shower Sensors

A Smart Bathroom can make your morning routines more entertaining and convenient. Sensors with IoT Devices implemented in your shower can monitor your movement in the bathroom and turn on/off the water if nobody’s there. These Sensors are smart enough to identify specific people and set temperature and pressure according to their preferences.

Advanced Security Systems

When leaving home for work or shopping, we usually forgot to check if the doors and windows are locked or if every electronic appliance is turned off. With IoT-based Security systems, you can control all these operations with the smart sensors present in them. Security System App allows you to check the status of door locks and electronic appliances connected with it. These controllers have locked the doors and shut down electronic appliances automatically when you left the home. These systems can also notify you when someone tries to break them or forces entry into your home.

CCtv Cameras

Installing Smart cameras inside or outside the home can help you monitor real-time activities from anywhere anytime. With the CCTV app, You can check any suspicious activity at your home or business place with your mobile. You can also download any specific footage with just your mobile.

Safety Sensors

These IoT-based safety sensors are installed throughout your home and notify you immediately about potential threats so that you can take the required action to avoid them. All you need is a wi-fi connection and a smartphone connected to these sensors. These sensors continuously check the air quality, temperature, gas leakages, and humidity inside the home and alert you

Smart Refrigerators

Having an IoT Based Refrigerator in your home can detect the grocery and other food items stored in it with details like expiry date with the help of a bar code present stuck on the packaging. Users can also manage the expiry date of products with no bar code or RFID manually. A user can also check the items stored in the refrigerator without even opening them. All you need is your smartphone connected to the refrigerator.

A Smart Pet feeder

If you have a pet in your family, A smart pet feeder can be very useful to you. As we know, Our pets have some serious tasks to do all day like chasing their tails to a nap. But what they always need is their food. No matter if their plates are empty or full, they always need more. With a Smart Pet Feeder, You can schedule and feed your dog, cat, or fish even if you’re not present at home.

Smart TVs

With Smart TVs, you can stream online music, movies, and apps like Youtube, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. In addition to this, smart LED TVs allow you to access the internet on your tv remote. You can even connect your smartphone to a TV and use it like a mobile.

Smart Doorbells

smart doorbells work like a CCTV camera to monitor the visitors coming to your home. In case You are not at home, you will also receive a notification whenever someone pressed the doorbell. You can check the person by accessing the doorbell camera with your phone and taking the required action.


People are preferring IoT devices due to their convenience in daily life. We have a list of the top 9 Appliances that you can install in your smart home to make your life more comfortable and luxurious. On the other hand, Increased production of Smart devices is a good opportunity For Entrepreneurs to set their foot in the automation industry. All you need to do is to hire a company that provides IoT Development Services to turn your Product ideas into reality.

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