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Top Businesses in Dubai That Don’t Need Hefty Investment

Dubai Business Advisor “Business Setup in Dubai” – “Setting up a business in Dubai doesn’t come cheap!” – this is just a myth, that has engulfed so many dreams. Dubai is an expensive city, but it doesn’t mean you always need the sacks of money to do business here. There are tons of business opportunities in this tourist and expat-friendly emirate of the UAE. When you are surrounded by a 90% population of expatriates from 200 different nationalities, you don’t have to worry about your success. And do not squirrel your dream of having your own company away, even if you don’t have adequate funds or savings for investment until you know these top low-key businesses in Dubai. Pick “the one” that squarely fits your budget, preferences and business acumen.

Food Industry

Small Cafeteria – Business Setup in Dubai

Starting a restaurant needs a high initial investment but opening a small café doesn’t. With countless bachelors, immigrant working professionals, and tourists in abundance, the food sector in the Emirate is the only sector that will never see a slump! Small cafeterias or cafés in Dubai have already been in the limelight as one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai. Not just they deliver quick ROI, but also can be started without breaking the bank. Need I say more? Other super affordable alternatives to the restaurant business can be:

  • Catering Service
  • Bakery Products Supply Business
  • Food Delivery Service for Others
  • Food Delivery from Home

Consultancy/Advisory Services

Consultancy/Advisory Services – Business Setup in Dubai

Not everyone is aware of everything, plus, most people hate doing paperwork! Businesses are exponentially multiplying in Dubai, and every business needs expert advice or consultancy in various areas to run their business successfully. Not just expat businesses but also citizens and working residents of Dubai need various types of advice regarding legal issues, policies and federal laws. Many require assistance in representing themselves at the authority for legal formalities.

Therefore, it’s time to stir yourself a little and find out your forte! If you have got specific skills and in-depth knowledge about something that can be monetized start an advisory business. Therefore, if you know in and out of a particular field, the consultancy business in Dubai is just for you. And the best part, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket as neither do you need to rent a separate office to provide advisory services nor do you require hiring staff. Just obtain the necessary approval and license and Fanny is your aunt!

Check out below your low-cost consulting business options in Dubai – Business Setup in Dubai

  • Legal Advisory
  • Will Drafting
  • IT Consultation and Channel out Digital Marketing
  • Business Consulting
  • Visa or Immigration Consultancy
  • Financial Accounting Advisory

Content Industry

Writing – Business Setup in Dubai

The scope of content-related business is thumping great in Dubai! From website content to blogs and articles to social media posts to even punchlines and jingles, almost every business in Dubai regardless of size or type needs great content in various languages for various reasons. They are always content-hungry and ready to pay a handsome amount to content specialists who can make them visible to their target audience, lure their customers to the company’s offerings, stand out in the crowd of competitors, appeal to their business clients for investment or whatever with your skilled fingertips and distinguished panache.

Your content business in Dubai doesn’t need much – just a laptop, solid Wi-Fi, a phone connection, and voilà! And the cherry on top is you can easily get a freelance license in Dubai at a reasonable price and start writing. The only stumbling block on your way when starting as a content writer is – finding your clients and getting projects initially. However, the world is your oyster, once you overcome this challenge. Your other content-related low-investment business options can be:

  • Content Marketing Services
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Services
  • Video Content Provider
  • Graphics Designing Services
  • Website Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Sponsorship Letter Writing
  • Resume/CV Writing
  • SOP Writing

Cleaning Services – Business Setup in Dubai

If there is something that the clean and beautiful city of the UAE hates – it is debris. Determined to win the crown of the “Cleanest City” of the world by 2050, Dubai is the best place to start a cleaning services business. And that’s why this is the next thrifty idea on our list of low-investment businesses in Dubai. Not just the companies, but also time-poor residents and money-rich citizens need cleaners on a daily basis to stay clean and safe from various diseases caused by dust bunnies. This simply means, whether residential, commercial or industrial, demand for cleaners in Dubai will never flatline.

To incorporate a cleaning company in Dubai, all you need is a small physical office, a handful of cleaners and of course, a cleaning business license allowing you to carry out the intended activity. The availability of cheap workers and the presence of a slew of SMEs and big corporates in the business-friendly city are all the more reasons why success is obvious in this business. A few other alternative businesses in a similar area that can be started with a small capital investment are:

  • Building Maintenance Services
  • Residential Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Maintenance Services

Start small to grow big! – Business Setup in Dubai

There are myriad benefits of starting small. This might be your first venture in Dubai or just a side hustle. With a humble beginning, you may test the market and change your industry if the idea is not working out for you. Plus, during the initial phase, you also need enough capital to meet your day-to-day operational expenses. Last but not least, the above-mentioned businesses are sure budget-friendly, however, to make them work you need a lot of patience as well. Also, if you are not sure which industry or business will suit you the best, consulting one of the best business advisors in Dubai is highly advisable.

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