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Top FAQs about Mobile Home Insurance

Floods, disasters, fire, and other natural calamities can. Occur at any time, and if. Your mobile home is insured for you. Might get stuck. Without a roof to live under.

While scrutinizing for mobile home insurance there will be. Many questions you will come across. You want to be. Answered. 

After all, it is your dear home. So you would want to get you. Mobile home insured as soon as possible. Here we are to solve the most frequently asked questions while purchasing mobile home insurance.

What is deductible?


The deductible is the sum you are responsible to pay towards the insured loss. The amount you pay depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance company. Usually, people have no will to pay a higher deductible which in turn raises the gratuity of the insurance policy.

Recommended deductible amount is. Considered to be $500 – $1000 to save. Reasonable percentage on your premiums.

How much does it cost to insure a mobile home?


The amount completely depends on the insurance policy suitable for your mobile home. It includes the things you want to ensure, for example, theft, roof damage, fire, etc. similar to how homeowner insurance companies often provide a wide variety of coverage options to choose from at affordable premiums. It also depends on your location, for instance, mobile home insurance Louisiana situated will cost different from other places in the US.

Does manufactured fall underneath the mobile home?


Manufactured homes are factory-made, transported to the site, and then installed. This classifies them to fall under the category of mobile home insurance.

Is a Modular home considered a mobile home?

Modular homes are. Constructed Location similar. Standard home. Whereas manufactured homes are first built and then installed at the site. Considering the difference in the process of building, a modular home does not fall under the category of a mobile home. 

Does the replacement cost the same as the original cost of a mobile home?


The two types of insurance are replacement cost and market value.


In replacement cost, you can claim the complete amount that you have yielded for your mobile home. In market value insurance, you can only claim the amount equal to the present market worth of your mobile home. This includes age, condition, damage, etc. 

What is not covered in mobile home insurance?

Earthquakes and floods are a few of the common threats that are not shielded by mobile home insurance. Other than this, mobile home insurance does not cover your property while it is in transit. Insurance policy is only applicable once the mobile home is fixed on a substantial foundation.

However, to earthquakes and floods, you will have to add on the insurance for such threats separately as they do not fall under the general insurance policy.



The area is the most important aspect to consider while buying or intending to plan mobile home insurance. It is advised to precisely analyze the needs, situation and budget while planning to purchase insurance. In the end, if your policy does not cover the incurred loss the amount you pay as premiums will be of no worth. For instance, If your surrounding is prone to floods, it will be a smart choice to get them covered under your insurance policy.

It is merely a task to find affordable mobile home insurance in Louisiana, but you would want the best possible policy for your mobile home. Kelly Insurance is one wise option to discover more about your insurance policies. We provide exemplary insurance for your mobile home too at affordable rates. Visit our website today and make yourself future-ready to tackle the unthinkable threats that your mobile home might come across.

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