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Two Types of Private Label Skincare Manufacturers?

The United State has a very best private label skin care manufacturers with hundreds of factories large and small around the world. However, this does not necessarily mean that the country has 3,600 private label cosmetic manufacturing facilities. There are also many companies that have this license but follow the aggressive business model and they are named as best cosmetic products manufacturer.

A company without a factory is a company that does not have its production facilities because it subcontracts production to factories. This is quite common in the United State private label skin care manufacturers.

A) Manufacturers have their own factories

People are expected to assume that all Best private label skin care manufacturers have factories. And also, regardless, it is very harshly the case in the United States.

However, there are still many large and small factories across the country. Some of these factories have annual sales of less than $2 million, while others may have more than $250 million. But thy are the best beauty product manufacturers across the world.

What are the benefits of working with manufacturers who have their own factories?

There are two advantages to working with such a best cosmetic products manufacturer.

1. Lower production cost  

When a company produces in its own factory, the costs are in materials, utilities, and labor. This allows these companies to have complete control over their pricing and to offer competitive pricing when they needed the cosmetic products.

In addition, since there is no mediator between the two companies, it is much cheaper to do business with these manufacturing companies.

2. Faster response

Since these companies do everything in-house, they know what they can and can’t do in terms of capacity and price without asking elsewhere. So, that allows contract manufacturers to answer much quicker and much faster, and then on the behalf of their work they are the best private label skin care manufacturers. And also they provide the best quality of the products.

What are the disadvantages of working with manufacturers who have their own factories?

We can suggest two main downsides to working with these companies.

1. Flexibility and low flexibility

Each factory has its own set of equipment and expertise. This means that they are limited to these and cannot be exceeded.

For those who prefer to work with a single partner, working with a different company for each product can be overwhelming.

2. Higher MOQ

Factories tend to want volume from every customer they have. Our observations tell us that most factories do not want to work with quantities less than 3,500 units when delivering to a new customer. Even if they do, they don’t tend to be too eager to invest time and resources in the R&D process.

B) Manufacturers without factories?

These are the companies that mostly have a “cosmetic production license” and are allowed to put their name as the manufacturer on the products they are engaged in manufacturing.

However, they actually sit in the middle between the customer and the manufacturer, ultimately outsourcing the product to a factory.

This may be a rare business model in the world, but it is pretty popular in United State because it has many advantages.

Especially considering the fact that most best beauty product manufacturers in USA do not export directly, have English-speaking staff, or are unwilling to take on new businesses in small numbers, there are a number of reasons why these non-factory businesses exist.

What are the benefits of working with famous manufacturers?

These are the two main advantages of working with these companies.

1. Unlimited flexibility and capacity

When you have your own factory and produce everything there, you are limited in your equipment and technical capabilities.

Since well-known best beauty product manufacturers often work with dozens of different factories, they can subcontract any type of product to these factories on a case-by-case basis. This allows them to manufacture almost any kind of product, ultimately resulting in full one-stop service.

2. Willing and able to work with small numbers

Most fabless manufacturers have close relationships with dozens of factories across the country. Since they have a specific volume of business with each factory, they can produce them in smaller quantities. So we can say them the best beauty product manufacturers.

What are the disadvantages of working with demanding manufacturers?

1. Higher price

Factory-free manufacturers outsource their production to factories, which means they add their profit margins to the prices those factories charge them.

As a result, they cost significantly more than the companies that own their production facilities.

2. Slower response

Since these companies are not directly involved in the manufacturing process, they often need to confirm with factories before responding. And they collect information from the best cosmetic products manufacturer. And then they work accordingly.

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