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Users Queries: Double Kitchen Sink In India

What are the advantages of using a double sink?

Double bowl sinks provide several benefits that enable multitasking and more effective use of the kitchen sink area. Since they demand more room than the standard 30 inches for single bowl sinks, these sinks are not suitable for every home.

First, the larger bowls’ capacity makes it easier to wash more dishes at once while keeping everything orderly, speeding up the process and improving kitchen productivity. Double bowl sinks make dishwashing simpler and more effective. Careful planning is essential for double bowl sinks to perform to their full potential. Your cleanups and cooking will both get better if you get used to utilizing the sink.

Is washing and cleaning dishes in a 2-bowl sink easier?

Yes, it is easier to do the cleaning, rinsing and other activities with a double bowl kitchen sink as it offers a spacious kitchen sink area. A double bowl sink has two adjacent bowls that are mostly of the same size.

While washing, you could soak your dirty pots and pans in one bowl with washing detergents and use the empty bowl to rinse the dishes. The empty clean sink bowl can also be used to stack the clean and washed dishes to strain out excess water from them before you wipe them and load them up in their respective cabinets. One bowl can always be used to stack the dirty dishes in case you have not found the time to do the washing.

How does a double-bowl kitchen sink help in food preparation?

When using a double bowl sink for meal preparation, it is customary to rinse food items such as vegetables, fish, and meat in one side of the sink. After you have finished rinsing, clean and disinfect the area to stop meat-related bacteria and germs from spreading around the sink.

The reverse side may be used to peel vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, and carrots. The setup avoids mixing meat and vegetables in the sink and helps to maintain a distinct distinction between the areas used for meal preparation. It lessens the likelihood that exposure to bacteria from meat may contaminate plants.

Can I use a dual sink in a Modular kitchen?

Yes. Although the double-bowl kitchen sink is bigger than the standard kitchen sinks, if you plan for it beforehand, you could always install a double-bowl sink in your modular kitchens.

These modern kitchens as it offers the utmost efficiency in compact space and since the double bowl sinks are available in multiple sizes, you can get one installed as per the designated kitchen sink area and the utility.

What are some tips and considerations when buying a 2-bowl kitchen basin?

Here’s a list of 3 things you need to consider before investing in a double bowl kitchen sink: –

  • Utility – Revisit the kind of kitchen activities that take place every day in your household. Make sure that the double-bowl kitchen sink is an absolute need for your kitchen. If you can easily manage with a single bowl, then installing a double bowl will just be a waste of resources and space.
  • Space – You need to chalk out a designated place for your double bowl sink in the kitchen. Although available in different sizes, these sinks are generally bigger than the standard single-bowl sinks. So, you have to cater for the space the double bowl sink is going to occupy. Otherwise, you might end up with a cramped-up kitchen sink area.
  • Material – The best material for double bowl kitchen sinks is 304-Grade stainless steel. It has anti rusting and anti-corrosive properties and is super easy to maintain. Ruhe Kitchen Sinks offer these double bowls with a whooping 1-year warranty.

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