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Ways To Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

As the social media explosion hit the world, everybody has become social media addicts. Spending hours & hours on scrolling, tagging & posting is pretty much normal these days. This social dilemma is brutally harming the psyche of youth. In fact, teens are also a major target of it. Games, cartoons & such things transforming their minds & they are becoming the slave of it.
No doubt, social media is an exceptional tool for gaining knowledge, taking inspiration & becoming an inspiration for others, but it can only be achieved by using it in a correct way.
After conducting thorough research, we have filed up some ways that you can use to regulate your kid’s screen time. It will help you to monitor their watch list & you can also be able to guide them on what to watch & what shouldn’t. So, here you go.

Make decisions as per their age

It is very obvious that comparatively pre-teens need more guidance than adults ones so before taking any decision, do consider their age. The adult ones are more responsible toward their lives & take a rational decision, but it’s not the case every time. Sometimes, due to any uncertain reason, adults become more rigid & got some serious attitude issues. In such situation, you have to make strict decisions & monitor their screen timings.
Let them decide when do they want to use the smartphones & set the timings accordingly. That’s how they don’t feel being controlled & you can make the best decision for them.

Consider Their Suggestion

Parenting is not a piece of cake. It requires so much effort & dedication. Before imposing any decision on kids, let them give you their suggestions. If you do so, you won’t sound authoritarian & in fact, it will make a great & positive impact on kids.
Kids are so naïve & they copy their parents, so listen to them first. It will add positive behaviour to their personalities.

Set Do’s & Don’ts

Kids often go beyond limitations & hurt themselves. So, set some ground rules for them and teach them how to use technology. Kids mostly watch cartoons & stuff so closely that emitting radiations harm them. So bring computer glasses or blue light glasses to protect their eyesight. Several stores offer the best spectacles & glasses, and Specsavers is one of them. So, you can purchase spectacles for kids as well as for adults while staying on budget through Specsavers Discount Code.

Avoid Using Screen To Divert Kids

If you use the screen to calm their mind or divert their attention from something, then sooner or later, you may receive a backlash? The reason is, you use something to make them calm to avoid the unpleasant situation, so when they get used to it, they will not resist it. It will become habitual to use screen whenever something unexpected happens & slowly it will become an addiction. It is unarguably true that the internet has broadened up the ways to explore the world, but every pic has two sides & in this scenario, you have to consider both for your child’s growth.

Share The Reasons for limiting Screen time

Kids adapt things, and besides being so naïve, they acquire a great understanding level if you try. Share the reason why you limit their screen time & they will not fail you. Describe to them that you have to do it is because that’s how using the internet excessively disrupts their physical & mental growth. Share the documentaries about how the internet devastating the mindset of people so they may understand it in an appropriate way.
Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always understand you, but at least it will clear the clouds for them.

Boost Their Moral On Following Their Interest & Passion

There are many kids who follow their passion blindly & seen multiple YouTube videos to enhance their skill set. If your child shows interest in something meaningful, then appreciate him/her. Let them know that they are doing great & if they need any help, you are there for them.
Share information based on their interest so they will spend their most of the time doing something productive.

Engage them In Sports & Other Activities

Kids who don’t have exposure to sports & other outdoor activities seem more addicted to social media comparatively than others. So, try engaging them in sports and other activities or outdoor games. To make the most out of their leisure time, you can handover them comic books, reading books & more so they will know that information comes in more forms other than electronics.

Wrap Up

These are some tips & guidelines you can follow to manage your kiddos screen timing & develop their interest in other things also. In addition, you can search out more ways to do it. You can handover them puzzle toys, scrabble words & more to build their cognitive function skills & sharpen their mind.

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