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Ways to Write Excellent Amazon Case Study Analysis

Amazon is known for its customer obsession and has been outperforming other retailers by its business strategy. It uses effective digital marketing strategies across different communication touchpoints. Amazon case study analysis help is a must-read for every businessman. Students can also refer to it if they need university assignment help.

All small and big businesses and startups can learn from Amazon’s focus on the customer. They created a simple experience and used personalization to delight customers.

With so much competition around, companies need to stand out and perform better. Amazon is known to stand out better from others by focusing on the strategies. It believes not to throw good money after bad and the core competencies determine what one can do. Learn from the company’s tactics and strategies.

What are Amazon’s mission and vision?


Amazon started with an ambitious mission. It wanted to be the most customer-centric company, it kept innovating new solutions to make things easier, faster, and cost-effective. It has grown immensely and has content creators, developers, and enterprises. Students who are stuck and wondering who will do my programming assignment can refer to experts.

Amazon brought extensive selection more than in the physical store in an easy to search and easy to browse format. The main idea was to improve the shopping experience, bring more reviews, content, and features. The most powerful customer acquisition tool was the word of mouth and repeat purchases. Amazon has all the marketing tools to succeed in a challenging environment.

Revenue and business model of Amazon


Amazon has learned from both its success and failures. It continuously measures the program and the effectiveness of its investment. One can know more by their annual reports, proxies, and shareholder letters. Amazon has a great vision for digital agility, decisions are made based on long-term market leadership consideration.

Amazon’s marketing strategy is focused on customer experience, offering low prices, convenience, and a wide selection of merchandise. Easy-to-use functionality helps them in getting repeat customers. They have built a trusted transaction environment by providing customer reviews and manufacturer product information. Amazon is focused on the customer satisfaction metrics too,

Focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning


Technology helps in focusing better on the customer. Amazon uses high-performance transaction systems with complex rendering and object caching, workflow, and queuing systems. It uses business intelligence and data analytics.

 Machine learning and pattern recognition are a significant part. Probabilistic decision-making and neural network technique is used. The architects and engineers at Amazon do advanced research and they have a strong research and development tea. Technology is an integrated part of everything they do.Machine learning drives the algorithm at Amazon. They can do demand forecasting, product search ranking, merchandising placements, fraud detection, and much more. It helps in improving the core operations.

Customer Journey


Amazon follows the RACE framework which narrows down the customer journey into 5 steps which is plan-reach-act-convert-engage. They have a winning retail e-commerce marketing strategy through which they acquire and retain more customers and increase the ROI.

The main competitive factors in any market segment are selection, price, availability, convenience, information, discovery, and brand recognition. It also includes personalized services, accessibility, customer service, reliability, speed of fulfillment, ease of use, and ability to adapt to changing conditions. The customers’ overall experience and trust in transactions with Amazon are also considered. For business and individual sellers, additional competitive factors like the quality of services and tools, their ability to generate sales for third parties, and the speed of performance are essential. Amazon uses the internal experimentation platform called the Weblab, used to evaluate the improvements to the websites and products.

 “Ask an owner” is another feature. Here, from a product page, customers can ask any question related to the product. Further, Amazon routes these questions to owners of the product who revert.

Amazon supports the culture of experimentation


There are internal tools that support the ‘Culture of Metrics’ in Amazon. Also, there are technology infrastructures that readily support experimentation. However, it can be difficult to achieve with standardized content management. Amazon is in a competitively advantageous position by developing technology internally.

Amazon has made a significant investment in technology that may not be available to other organizations. Amazon’s case study is ideal for students. Various students use Harvard reference style generator for making Amazon case studies.

Amazon uses its proprietary technologies, as well as technology licensed from third parties to implement numerous features and functionality to simplify the customer shopping experience.

Third parties can sell on their platform, facilitate their fulfillment and customer service operations. There is continuous investment in several areas of technology, seller platform, web services, and digital initiatives.

Amazon uses a lot of application for accepting and validating customer orders, placing and tracking orders with suppliers. The application manages and assigns inventory to customer orders. However, it also ensures proper shipment of products to customers

Data is the King at Amazon


Data is very important part of Amazon and it helps them to manage the content for the users. It can be new releases and top-sellers, merchandising and recommendations, or advertising through paid search. They keep a tab on the campaigns and optimize content to improve customer experience. Amazon avoids sending an e-mail campaign that has a low click-through or high unsubscribe rate.

Amazon’s marketing strategy keeps in mind the formation of a partnership with smaller companies through several programs. Amazon Marketing strategy communications is to increase customer traffic to the website. They believe in creating awareness of products and services. They want to promote repeat purchases and develop incremental products. These days majority of the businesses run online retail stores apart from conventional shops.

It is fundamental to have the necessary capital requirement in a competitive environment to build a good market share.

Amazon wants to expand the service revenue opportunities and strengthen the brand name. It has continuously improved the customer experience and provides a wide range of products within a specific time. It strategically positions itself by offering products and wants to maintain fanatical brand loyalty and reputation.

Author Bio: Henry Tesfaye is a business research analyst at a company in London. Moreover, he is also an expert at and helps students with business related issues. He is an avid reader and loves to travel

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