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Weped Fs Electric Scooter Review

One of the most attractive and well-built electric scooters we’ve had the pleasure of testing is the WEPED GT 50e. This electric scooter is made primarily of carbon fiber and machined metal, and it rides on enormous 14-centimeter wide kart racing tyres.

The Weped GT 50e has the performance and appearance of an F1 vehicle while being an electric scooter. A one-of-a-kind scooter, the Weped GT 50e is handcrafted in Korea. It is well crafted and of exceptional quality. Metals from CNC-machined components are used extensively. The scooter is unflinching yet alluring, almost sculptural.

The degree of customization offered for the GT 50e (and other Weped scooters generally) is an intriguing point of differentiation. A thumb throttle, additional lighting, hydraulic brakes, and better suspension are all options.

Samsung INR21700 50E batteries

The Samsung 50e 21700 batteries that power the GT 50e have a C-rate of nearly 2 and can continually output 9.8 amps while storing 5 amp-hours of energy apiece. Their maximum output of current is 14.7 amp (though not sustained). They are therefore ideal for supplying the electric motors with fuel when they are using their maximum amount of power, which is during maximum acceleration.

Finally, even after 500 charges and discharges, the Samsung 50e batteries are expected to retain 80% of their capacity. This implies that with the rated range, you should be able to travel more than 6440 kilometers before significantly depleting the battery.


The weped fs includes drum brakes with front and rear cable controls, which is an intriguing change for a high-performance scooter.

Despite not being our preferred braking method, drum brakes are strong. Our braking tests show that they can stop the scooter from a speed of 24 km/h in just 3.0 meters of total braking distance.

We believe that both the braking system and the high-performance tires, which enable rapid deceleration without losing traction, are involved in this.

Ride Quality

Both front and rear suspensions are present in the GT 50e. The suspension is often firm and focused on street performance. Although it won’t provide much distance, this metal stallion is made to keep you stable as you soar over the ground.

The front suspension is an engineering marvel. It is a coil with exquisitely made articulating arms. This design’s drawback is that it takes up more of the deck’s area, which is already relatively constrained.

The rear suspension, which consists of two large rubber bumpers and a pivot point, is more basic. This design aids in minimizing weight, maximizing stiffness for performance, and still being able to soften road imperfections.


The WEPED weighs 35 kg, which makes it not very portable. It does, however, have a stem that folds and locks into place. The branch of the WEPED is blade-like and not ergonomically shaped for lifting.

A pin with an over side gold anodized surface controls the sturdy folding mechanism.


The GT 50e has a straightforward cockpit with a brake lever, an LCD display, an EY3 trigger throttle, and a few controls to modify or limit the motor output. Due to your finger’s extended posture when using the trigger-style throttle, it is uncomfortable to operate for extended periods. Thankfully, WEPED offers a thumb-style throttle for purchase as an extra accessory.


Serious swag lighting oozes from practically every part of the GT 50E scooter. Both wheels are adorned with multicolored LEDs on both sides. The taillights shine both directly backward and to the sides, and are provided by a red light in the rear, immediately above the carbon fiber fender. Even the WEPED emblem, which is painted on the chassis side, is illuminated with multicolored “swag” party lighting.


They are genuine kart racing tyres, and their thickness and level of construction quality are comparable to those of tyres for motor vehicles, which is the first thing we noticed about them. The tyres on the majority of electric scooters are much thinner and more prone to blowing out. We anticipate these to incredibly durable and flat-resistant, much like car and motorcycle tires.

To put it mildly, the tubeless pneumatic tires on the GT 50E are amazing. There is a lot to say about these tyres, despite the fact that they are just tires.

Second, the tires deliver a comfortable and steady ride even during rapid acceleration, where their sizable contact patch aids in transferring power to the ground. The GT50E is so sturdy because of the broad tyre’s size that the kickstand doesn’t even need to deployed for the scooter to balance itself (though we were nervous about relying on it fully).


The Weped has a relatively modest deck for a scooter that weighs so much. The front suspension arm is mounted to the top of the deck, further taking up space, and adding insult to injury. Your feet will stay firmly planted on the scooter thanks to the rough-textured grip tape that covers the top of the deck.

Build Quality

We’ve never seen a scooter with better manufacturing than the WEPED GT 50E. Nothing has been forgotten, from the stem’s rearward sweep to the machined parts of the forward suspension arm to the substantial bolts holding everything together. The scooter is solid on every side.

In order to cleanly route all cables, heavy flex tubing is fastened with strain-relieving fixtures. This exceptional quality prevents unintentional snagging or fraying and guarantees that crucial wiring remains undamaged. In addition, it keeps the scooter’s sleek appearance.

Due to the incredibly sturdy folding mechanism, there is no wobbling or slop in the steering wheel or stem. A large pin and a gorgeous anodized aluminum knob make up the folding mechanism.

Weped  Fs Review Conclusions

We believe that the WEPEDFS, a gorgeous scooter, is aimed at a very specific market. This electric scooter is designed for fast, straight-line on-road riding thanks to its tires and suspension.

The way the Wiped handles when turning, though, is a highly noticeable aspect of the ride. Turning the Weped is a little goofy because of the tires’ distinctively wide and flat design. You will place the Wiped on the sharp edge of the tire where the tread meets the sidewall when you lean to make a sharp turn. This is not a turning that inspires confidence. We adore the Weped when traveling straight, but it isn’t the most agile scooter when making corners.

Because the ultra-wide KART tires are so gripping, they are fantastic for intense acceleration and stopping. Unless you happen to run over nails, you are unlikely to have flats thanks to their robust structure and strong sidewalls. We truly adore all of these features.

Charging Time

An ongoing problem for fans of electric scooters is longer charging periods. Fortunately, Weped has solved this problem with an 11A fast charger that takes just 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery needs about 18 to 20 hours to charge completely using a regular 1.7 A charger.


In terms of suspension performance and design, the Weped SST much outperforms its rivals. The front of the e-scooter now has a coil spring and the back has spring shocks. The kick scooter maintains stability when gliding over uneven terrain and bumpy roads thanks to the ground-breaking suspension system, which provides ample of movement.

Design And Build

The weped fs displays an aggressive and exceptional design that is just extraterrestrial. The electric scooter have a unique and dynamic appearance thanks to the curved stem and extremely wide tires. The flashy RGB lights further emphasize the scooter’s overall attractiveness from an aesthetic standpoint.

The construction quality is superior to that of the rivals. The e-durability scooters and sturdiness are increased by the use of aviation-grade alloy across the entire frame.

The Weped fs is a great option for e-mobility enthusiasts wishing to step up their game because it meets all the criteria for a high-performance electric scooter. Due to its irrationally powerful motor, astounding top speed, enormous battery capacity, extremely sturdy construction, and striking design, the e-scooter is in a class by itself.

WEPED FS Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Maximum speed on a private path is 130 km/h.
  • Time to recharge: 8 hours using a 5A charger
  • Weight limit: 120 kg
  • Size: 54 kg
  • eleven-inch wheels PMT Brakes: Front and back hydraulic assisted discs for go-kart racing
  • 30000W motor
  • Samsung 3600WH lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions when folded: 1345x 492x 259 mm
  • Suspension rear spring Dimensions: 1345x 1164x 259mm Warranty: 2 years, parts and labor (1 year for the battery)

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