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What Are the 7Ps of Service Marketing?

We take products and services in the same way. But in reality, these two are different from each other. Services cover a large number of sectors. They include retail, financial, technological, and other sectors. 80% of UK’s economic output comes from the service sector. Moreover, it also covers 82% of employment. This highlights importance of the service sector. Hence it is important to focus on the marketing mix for services. The service marketing mix consists of 7Ps. While the marketing mix for products consists of 4Ps. The 7Ps are that of product, price, promotion, place, process, people, and physical evidence. 7Ps help in making the decisions about marketing strategy. They also help in implementing the associated strategies. In this article at Drop Article, we explain the 7Ps of service marketing. This helps in improving marketing strategy of the firms.


It is something that you offer to the people. This product meets the need of customers. Your product is the services you provide to them. For example, you are a lawyer. Then the consultancy services are your product. If you run a transport firm, then the transport services are your product. Your product must fulfil needs of the customers. It has to meet expectations of the customers. Otherwise, marketing strategies fail to show results. Features of products are also important in this context. This is because they help you in comparing your product with that of the competitors. It also gives an idea about the market. It is better to specify your product. This will differentiate you different from the others.


Price has a significant impact on buyers. Many customers select services because of price. It plays an important role in satisfying the customers. Suppose your product is not in a tangible form. It will not be easy to compare it with those from competitors. Customers compare the services with reference to price. Selecting the price of a product is not an easy task. Many service marketing providers provide the same services. Suppose you provide the same services as others. Then it is better to use the competitive market price. But if you provide unique services, then charge the product according to it. It is also not right to charge unique services at the same price. It takes away confidence from the people. They don’t trust the uniqueness of that product.


The place is an important aspect of service marketing. It affects a lot the buying behaviour of a customer. They want to buy services that are close to them. For example, customers don’t travel 10 miles away to get to the diner. They try to find the best option around them. So it is better to highlight your target customers. Then you should try to find the place around them. The financial sector understands importance of place. That is the reason why we have seen their branches in every place. Selecting the right place also helps in highlighting competitors. You make your marketing strategy better by identifying it.


According to a dissertation help firm, it plays an important role in making the mind of people. Marketers spend a lot of time on promotion. It is a way to inform the people about their needs. It attracts a large number of customers. Services also need promotion to attract the customers. Firms use different tools for promoting their services. Social media is the biggest tool for promoting services. They also provide many offers to customers for availing the services. For example, restaurants provide 25% discount on the eve of Christmas. Service marketing teams promote services in different ways.


People are important for delivering the services. Services are intangible products. Humans accept things that they see from their eyes. In the service sector, they don’t see your product. In that case, you should ensure that people make their minds about the product. Their good services increase their satisfaction levels. For example, a nurse with a smiling face gives the patient a sigh of relief. They feel comfortable with her. Moreover, they also cooperate with her. The same rule applies to every service sector. No one visits the place again if they have a bad experience. People don’t remember your service. They only remember your people. So it is important to select the best people. These people play a vital role in your success.


The process is important for doing anything. Its importance increases through the deliverance of services. The process makes the services better. Customer satisfaction relies on the process. Suppose that the process of opening an account is difficult. Then customers shift towards the other options. Marketers have to observe the process of services. It helps them in identifying how to target customers to take their services. If customers don’t consider their process reliable, they have to revise it.

Physical Evidence:

It affects satisfaction level of the customers. People judge an organisation’s services from other factors. Physical evidence plays an important part in the service sector. For example, a clean restaurant increases satisfaction of the customers. Certificates in the doctor’s clinic also increase your trust. It works in this way. This is important to observe before making marketing strategies. It also differentiates you from your competitors. So don’t forget this while making the marketing strategies.


The 7Ps of service marketing have great importance. It helps in making the marketing strategy. Services are intangible products. So they don’t usually please the customers regarding your services. 7Ps of marketing help in making a good marketing plan. Your product is your services. It must meet the need of your customers. Price is a real concern of the customers. They take services that have low prices. Promotion is important for introducing your services to the target customers. Many people ignore importance of the place. You have to choose a place nearer to your target customers. Don’t ignore the role of people in providing services. Good processes and people are key to satisfying the customer. With intangible services, you also have to give physical evidence. It must have the capacity to attract customers. Hence, firms can make a good marketing strategy by considering the 7Ps of marketing.

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