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What Are The Different Flows Of MS Power Automate Desktop?


If you are a business user or an IT expert looking to create effective automated procedures to boost productivity, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop plays a crucial part. It is a platform with no or less coding. As a result, there are no prerequisites for learning Power Automate Desktop.

However, it is a business that allows you to combine all data analysis and apps. It also simplifies automated operations to create a functioning flow. Therefore, to become proficient in this field of study, it is necessary to go for the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Online Course. Such a course will make you understand the different flows prevailing in the Power Automate Desktop.

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop: Meaning

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop is a robust designer created by Microsoft that helps with the automation of daily monotonous operations. However, Power Automate Desktop includes a web recorder for capturing web activity and a desktop recorder for recording and replaying desktop operations. Thus, to complete your daily duties, both online and desktop actions may be combined or conducted individually. Moreover, it supports Power Automata’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation) capabilities and a

 In addition, RPA enables the automation of current and desktop workflow processes by capturing and replaying mouse and keyboard actions on an on-demand and planned basis.

Different Flows of Power Automate Desktop:

The Microsoft Power Automate Desktop tool allows you to design three distinct types of flows. These flows serve a variety of objectives, including automating many sorts of repetitive work to improve organizational efficiency.

Cloud Flows:

The usage of Cloud Flows occurs when you want your automation function to get the trigger alert immediately, on a schedule, or automatically. It means you can create further three different types of flows, which are as follows:

  • Instant Flows:

Instant flows are an efficient way to start automation with a single click. Also, you may use Instant flows to automate operations and processes from your desktop and mobile devices.

  • Scheduled Flows:

It functions more like automation on a schedule. Also, you must activate it on a work schedule, such as daily data upload to a database or SharePoint.

  • Automated Flows:

This flow type allows you to design automation triggered by any user-defined event.

Desktop Flows:

The goal of desktop flows is to automate any specific online or desktop processes. Also, you may accomplish this with the help of Microsoft Power Automate Desktop.

In addition, you must utilize two legacy ways to create desktop flows; Windows Recorder (V1) and Selenium IDE.

Business Process Flows:

Business process flows are ideal for streamlining your company’s activities and operations. You can use these processes to ensure that everyone consistently performs specified duties with consistent data entry. However, a properly established Business Process flow ensures that all workers treat client processes. Also, this flow enables you to specify the best route for various business operations and workflows. You may also tailor these flows to meet the security roles assigned to each user.

How Flows Work in Microsoft Power Automate Desktop?

Flow connects and interprets corporate software programs and collaborates with them effectively. Customized workflows begin with an event in one system, which prompts action in another, reducing repeated, manual effort. Flow works with over 230 apps and services that manage daily corporate operations and processes such as data storage, analytics, banking, email automation software, communication, etc.


Hopefully, you get this article informative. We have compiled the different flows of Power Automate Desktop. It delivers crucial value to business process automation. Therefore, to become proficient in the tool, it is necessary to have Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Training in Gurgaon.

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