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What Are The Pintucks And How to Create It

Have you ever noticed those small tucks in your fabric? Sometimes they are sewed in place or sometimes they just fold and press without stitching. Pintucks are the best way to decorate the cloth in order to make them fun and beautiful. Lightweight fabrics are better alternatives rather than bulk fabrics. Heavy fabrics Here, today we will learn the art of pin tucks and proper way to do it on fabrics. 

Pintucks are a fantastic finishing touch that you can apply to almost any piece of clothing. A pintuck may add texture and inventiveness to an otherwise plain clothing and takes very little time to sew. Observe how they catch the light and how many various ways you may utilize them. Are you prepared to begin studying how to sew a pintucks?

Mark The Lines

On the right side of the cloth, draw your pintuck lines using a detachable pen or tailor’s chalk. You may get lovely even, symmetrical lines by marking.

Choose the distance between the tucks’ width. You can want a good spacing between the pintucks or you might want the tucks to totally overlap one another. To get the desired aesthetic, a little experimentation may be necessary.

I stitched using contrast thread to make it easier to notice, but matching thread is very forgiving of any uneven pintucks or faulty stitching. With the wrong sides together, fold the cloth along the first mark and place it under your presser foot. Beginning 14 inch (6mm) or the appropriate width of stitches from the fold.


Repeat after completing the first tuck along all the designated lines until you have produced a enough number of pintucks for your project.


Although it makes it more difficult to incorporate into a garment, I actually quite like the texture of all the pintucks standing straight.

So take out your iron and pintuck everything to one side.

Fancy Pin Tucks

By sewing vertical lines through the tucks, you may give your pintucks sophisticated appearance. Here, I embroidered a row of pintucks spaced an inch apart that were 14 inch (6mm) wide. After that, I sewed the pintucks’ outside edges in one way and their inner edges in the other manner. This method produces a wonderfully intriguing and textured finish when you use a matched thread. It is a wonderful insert for bigger portions of clothes and looks fantastic on cushions.

Pintucks With Twin Needle

Twin needles may also be used to create adorable baby-sized pintucks on your cloth. Since they are considerably smaller than pintucks created by folding your cloth beforehand, they are frequently referred to as faux pin tucks. Add a cable beneath to provide more height and texture.

Sewing With Regular Sewing Foot

Become more tense. The zigzag stitches in the rear will be pulled by the tighter tension, giving the front a raised look. The tension, the distance between the two needles, and the thickness of the fabric will all work together to define the height of your pintuck. To get the appearance you want, experiment.

Start stitching after placing the cloth beneath the presser foot and aligning the mark with the space between the two needles.

Sewing With Specific Pintuck Foot

Small slots on the bottom of pintuck feet make it easier to sew pintucks with consistent spacing. They are functional both ways, chord or no cord. The majority of products will provide a 5 or 7 groove foot. A 7 groove foot, as opposed to a 5 groove one, is made for thinner fabrics. Why not attempt some curves or crossing lines after you are comfortable stitching straight lines?

A small cable or fishing line may be inserted below as you stitch to give your pintuck more height. The rope will get entangled in the back’s zigzag stitching.


Pin tucks are wonderful art on fabric that can make a piece of textile look aesthetic. The best thing about this craft is you can easily create them at home for some small projects. I hope from this thin blog, you know how to do it with perfection yet you need to do practice to make it neat. Do not hurry and buy wholesale fabric to do practice. However, if you love pin tuckers but are unable to do it at home or require bulk fabric then try fabric lore online store. Here, you will get a grand collection of pink tuckers fabric with different other arts such as pintucks with cotton fabric, loom textured pintucks, zarf border on pintucks and many more. So if you are looking for authentic wholesale fabric suppliers then this is a must place to visit.

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