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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

What is Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be particularly debilitating to males because it affects various aspects of life that are vital to a healthy male, including sexual relationships with children who are siring, as well as masculine pride. Erectile dysfunction is easily treated by Purple Triangle Pills. When a man discovers the difficulty he has to be sexually active in bed may be due to Erectile dysfunction, he either conceals his fears or goes into denial.

Being awed with “technical difficulties” is understandable for men who have never experienced this issue before. As sex decreases and spouses complain, they swiftly assume they’re experiencing relationship problems. In addition, their wives believe they’re in relationships that are not marital.

This makes a lot of men question their masculinity, and this feeling of insecurity causes more stress. But, men must realize that there are a variety of physical causes that can cause the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. It could be a sign of a larger physical issue that needs to be treated before normal sexual activity can be restored.

I. Age


It is the main reason for erectile dysfunction. As we get older, the processes within the body slowly, and demand more. However, the majority of these changes directly impact our sexual performance. A good example could be the flow of blood. It is essential to be more active to ensure the regular flow of blood to various organs. In the absence of exercise, blood won’t reach the organs that require immediate nutrition such as the penis.

It’s harder for you to respond to sexual stimulation compared to how you were many years ago. Aging is something that we can’t control but we can take numerous ways for us to “keep up” with physiological alteration to enjoy the natural libido that has always been associated with youth.

Exercise and diet


Becoming aware of the foods we consume and how we care for our bodies will help to keep circulation (and the erection) issues at low levels. A diet that is not controlled will load the body up with saturated fats and trans fats. tadalafil vidalista 60 mg is the best medicine to treat Erectile dysfunction. This will cause the building up of blocking agents within the blood vessels. If the arteries aren’t able to deliver liquid to your penis at the time of need the erection can’t happen or develops slowly. This could be the reason for Erectile dysfunction in the majority of sufferers of heart disease.



Hypertension, a condition that affects circulation which can impact the possibility of erection during sexual sex. If the flow of blood to the penis is not optimal and you lose your sexual erection during sexual sex or do not have an erection at all in the first place.

There are also hypertensive medicines that could cause erectile dysfunction. And this issue can aggravate your situation even more. It is not possible to just quit the medication for maintaining hypertension to get better erections in sexual activity. You can certainly seek out a different medication that isn’t contributing to ED however, stopping the disease is the best option.

II. Smoking


What effect does smoking have on the process of erection? Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, which can lead to an abnormal flow. Nicotine and the absence of oxygen can also lead to a decrease of Nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body. NO is a biochemical substance that relaxes or dilates blood vessels in blood circulation. A lower NO level means less penis blood flow and causes problems with erection. Smoking cigarettes can also result in hypertension which is the most significant risk factor in erectile dysfunction.

III. Alcohol


No matter what your friends inform you, drinking alcohol does not improve your relationship with someone else. It can only change your outlook however it doesn’t keep you erect. It’ll cause the opposite. The majority of men are enticed to have a sexual encounter when they’re free of inhibitions and this is the purpose of alcohol. Its “good” effects, however, do not stop there. The alcohol will make you slow and slow your reactions.

In the end, it will make you feel numb and hinder normal nerve functioning. How does that translate for you? If you don’t feel anything in your lower thigh and you don’t feel anything, then you will not be able to have an erection.

It helped me gain a deeper understanding of the various laboratory techniques used by scientists which can help identify and suggest ways to correct health imbalances before they develop into serious diseases.

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