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What Factors Are Considered While Selecting An Employee Surveillance System?

Every year, supervisors conduct employee performance reviews at the middle or end of the year.

Both employees and employers dread the evaluation process. And this should come as no surprise, and that’s because half of them don’t know what to expect during the meeting. 

Staff appraisal is all about understanding expectations and working toward goals. Managers must constantly monitor and track employee performance and productivity.

An employee surveillance system, if used correctly, can provide valuable information about how employees spend their time at work. 

Most Important Factors to consider 

Most people have worked with people who do not take their duties seriously. In recent years, the rise of telecommuters and the corresponding increase in online job postings. This has increased the need for companies to monitor how employees spend their time on company equipment. This is where employee tracking software can help businesses.

Determine what features you need

Almost all employee surveillance system allows for time tracking, but not all software is created equal. So you need to determine which features are most important to your needs.

Here are some things to consider.

  • Do you want to track the websites your employees visit?
  • Do you need a solution for both the office and the field? or are you only interested in software to monitor employees in the area?
  • Furthermore, do you need employee screenshots?
  • Do you need an approval form?

For example, if you plan to hire 10 new employees in the next month, you may want to consider using employee monitoring software. It is compulsory to streamline your HR and payroll processes.

This will allow you to increase the number of employees without doing the extra work, such as 

  • Creating time cards
  • Approving timesheets
  • Processing payments.

However, if you are looking for remote employee tracking software, you may need a more comprehensive solution.

Ease of use of the software

Employee surveillance systems should be easy for employees to use. The ease of use and intuitive operation of the software has led to its rapid adoption by employees at all levels of the organization. 

Its user-friendly design and functionality promote flexibility to use and do not require lengthy training periods. And it allows employees to begin using it as soon as the organization provides it.


When choosing an employee surveillance system, ensure it does not conflict with other systems. Also, ensure that the new system you choose can be easily integrated with existing systems. In addition, no valuable employee data is lost, and the existing modules and the new system are compatible.

Ease of installation.

The ease or difficulty of implementing a tracking system is a good indicator of experience with the system. The process should also be simple and not require extensive technical knowledge to implement successfully. This is especially true for cloud-based solutions.

Some employee monitoring software, such as Insightful, allows you to install the software on all computers at once via Active Directory. This is very easy and saves a lot of time.

Cost of employee surveillance system

It is essential to understand the total cost when choosing employee monitoring software. There are many types of employee monitoring software, some of which are free or inexpensive, while others require a significant investment. The kind of software you choose will depend on the needs of your business.

Often, companies can use inexpensive software for basic tasks such as Bluetooth monitoring or keystroke logging. But for serious security breaches, a more comprehensive tool may be required.

In terms of cost, you need a budget that can be spent without disrupting daily business operations.


You need to ensure that the software is easy for staff to use, but you also need to provide a high level of security. It must be able to protect sensitive data from potential threats such as hackers and computer viruses.

Your network may contain vital information for your business, and you don’t want to put it at risk of being eavesdropped on by cybercriminals. Information breaches are the last thing you want, as they can put your business and employees at risk.

When choosing an employee surveillance system, you need to make sure that it doesn’t compromise the security of your business. Ensure that the employee or time tracking software you purchase is designed with safety in mind. 

Last word

For example, there may be concerns about employees using the internet more than necessary and viewing illegal or criminal content in the real world. At the same time, they have duties to perform during work hours. While computers and the internet have significant benefits, the reality is that they are also platforms for lost work time and productivity in the workplace. 

It’s common for employees to abuse the privileges granted to them by the company, missing deadlines or spending too much time trying to complete ongoing projects. In this case, the employee surveillance system can effectively counter and control such behavior.

Author Bio

Sarah Noah Liam is a 28-year-old Software Management person who enjoys programming, Employee Monitoring System, and screen recording. She has a post-graduate degree in Computer science. She was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents.

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