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What Makes Kraft Bags So Popular and How They Reused

Kraft paper is without any doubt the new king of the packaging industry. Whether it is the packaging boxes or the bags, kraft paper is everywhere. It has revolutionized the packaging industry in every sense. Despite its not so neat, and rough brownish appearance the kraft paper is among the most favored manufacturing material for the packaging manufacturers. It is not only the favorite of the packaging industry but also of the customers. There are several reasons why the kraft paper is here to stay.

Let us have a look at what it actually is, what it is made of and what benefits it offers for the packaging industry and also for the customers.

What is Kraft?

Kraft paper is apparently a rough brownish paper which comes from the wood pulp. More precisely, it is commonly derived from the wooden pulp which comes from the pine trees. Unlike the other mostly used types of paper in the box manufacturing industry the kraft is a totally unbleached and unprocessed form of packaging paper. In other words, it is the closest to nature box manufacturing and bag manufacturing material. It is because of its unprocessed nature that this paper gives a coarse brown appearance.  Although the kraft paper can be turned white by bleaching it, however, it is mostly used as it is. 

The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Kraft Bags

The kraft bags have become so immensely popular. There isn’t a single shopping mall which does not make use of these bags. They look trendy and they are environmentally friendly. Besides, there are several other reasons which make the kraft bags one of the most popular choices among both the kraft bags wholesale manufacturers and retailers. Let us have a look at just a few of those reasons.

  • Kraft Bags are Eco Friendly

The most prominent feature of the kraft bags which makes them the most favorite of not only the box manufacturers and retailers, but also of the customers is their eco friendly nature. They come directly from the wood pulp. Kraft paper is the unprocessed, unaltered form of word, and it is as natural as the wood itself. Since it is the unbleached form of the packaging paper, it lacks the harmful chemicals.   The fact that this craft paper comes from renewable resources in itself is a great reason for opting the kraft bags compared to other packaging types. 

Moreover, the kraft paper is readily and easily biodegradable. It can be easily recycled and also reused. In short, it is as harmless to the ecosystem as is the wood itself. Even the customers today are Learned enough to buy from those companies which offer their products in the kraft packaging. Hence the companies feel proud in mentioning the words biodegradable on their kraft bags and craft boxes as it helps them earn some solid goodwill. It portrays them as a responsible and conscientious brand which is striving towards a better planet by reducing the carbon footprints.

  • These Bags are Highly Customizable 

These coarse brown Kraft bags are just like a blank canvas which can be used by the companies in whatever way they like. You can get them immersed in the hues of your choice. Go for the funky ones, or the deep mature tones. Or just leave them in their lovable, decent brown attire as they are. You can get them finished in all types of coatings. Moreover, the options like engraving, debossing, spot UV, and foiling can also be used with kraft paper. Besides, the custom kraft bags can be made with different types of handles for carrying them conveniently. The rope handles are very common as they go with the close to nature appearance of the kraft itself. Or you can go for other options as well like the handles made with ribbons or plastic or even the cut out handles. 

  • Kraft Bags are Totally Food Safe

Another place other than the shopping malls, where you would abundantly see kraft bags around the world is the restaurants and the food chains. Food chains have switched to kraft bags very quickly. You would see them being used to carry different food items around the world in almost every country. The very obvious reason for this popularity of kraft bags as the food bags is that they are devoid of any harmful chemicals. 

Since the kraft bags are very close to nature and do not contain hazardous materials and they are totally BPA free, they are preferred over their synthetic counterparts. These bags, when sealed properly, are great for retaining the freshness of the food items and can be used to carry both the hot and cold food items conveniently and safely. Besides, they can be made in all sizes and be printed with the company’s logo.


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