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What Will Admissions Tutors Look For In Your Personal Statement

A personal statement is a description or an essay of your goals, achievements, skills, interests, and talent and includes services you have been provided to other organisations.

It is an opportunity to share your story, representing yourself in the best manner. Personal statements for University typically have three or four paragraphs. It should be well structured, logical and meaningful.

It should represent a picture of yours’ as a person, a student, and a potential scholarship recipient. A personal statement can be for a job, any degree course, and your scholarship application.

For a statement, you should think about yourself and, more importantly, how to express yourself to become a deserving candidate to get admitted or receive a scholarship. Every statement should be unique because everyone has one’s specific life story.

Still, while writing a personal statement at that time, you have to focus on the content and language you are using to write it to make your story specific, attractive, and able to get the desire.

A personal statement is written in various areas, we are focusing here on two of them viz. personal statement for masters and scholarship. We are here discussing them and also telling easy ways to create them.

Need To Know Personal Statement For Masters

A personal statement is an essential part of applying for a master’s—the clue to the convincing admission committee that you deserve a Master’s course. Find out the dos and don’ts of writing a personal.

In this, you have to do marketing to sell yourself to the University and exemplify to the admissions committee that you are the right candidate for the course or job. The personal statement of your masters should be unique and customized. You can show off your academic interests and abilities.

If you plan to be admitted to a university, you have to create your statement for the University. Your statement should have more than 200 words for the beginning; consider the following things.

  • Find out your specialties, uniqueness, distinctive in you, and what is most impressive in your life story.
  • What are Details about your life like your family background and its problems, the history of your family, and influential personalities of your life who shaped you and motivated you to achieve your goals? You will select apart from other applicants.
  • What inspired you to choose this field as your path towards your goal?
  • How did you learn about this field – through people, reading, classes, the internet, and other experience?
  • What are your career goals and future planning?
  • Why did the admission committee select you? Give the most compelling reason.

Few Guidelines For Personal statement for scholarship

The scholarship committee reads a profusion of personal statements or essays to grab their attention; you can use the rhetorical technique to create an engaging opening paragraph.

If you can give a flow to your personal story in an exciting manner while representing the information that the committee needs to know, the chances of getting selection would increase. If you plan to apply for a scholarship, then point out the following things.

  • What are the most robust personality characteristics that make you an ideal candidate for a scholarship?
  • What are your significant proficiency, and why do you consider them proficiency.
  • Is there any quality, characteristic, or skill that distinguishes you from others?
  • How did you overcome the most challenging time of your life?
  • What are your most important extra-curricular activities?
  • What are your career aspirants and future planning?
  • Why did you choose your area of study?
  • To achieve your goals, how the scholarship may help.

When you collect all the above information about yourself, then it needs to be rearranged in a particular format.

Here Are Suggestions For Organizing Your Statement Into Four Paragraphs:-

  • Your personal statement should be rational and well organised. It’s better to make four paragraphs; you should be rigid with surety of short paragraphs, concise, and straightforward. Each paragraph’s consequent one before and the word count should be 500.
  • You start your personal statement with an Introduction, which can grab the reader’s attention. Introduce yourself, who you are, where you are, and your family background. The introduction should favor why you want to study, work, or why you would get the scholarship.
  • Then engage the reader in your second paragraph, and explain why you are the best candidate for what you are applying.
      • Here you can begin to support your case. What are the positive qualities, skills, achievements, accomplishments, experiences, and personal problems you have overcome? What is your academic and employment background?
  • In the third paragraph, connect your goals with the opportunities to get selected for the application. What are your plans? For this, you have to be very specific about your plans for pursuing your goals? What are your career goals? Explain how your achievements and gold would be helpful to society.
  • In the last and fourth paragraphs, write your conclusion, which should be very concise, summarizing why you are the best candidate.

This is your last chance to impress the selection committee—recap why you are a good candidate for the candidature. If you prefer, you can use the headings also.

You have gone through with a brief introduction about the personal statement, and you can take help from it and write your own. If you want surety of the selection, then contact us.

Few tips for writing a Personal statement

  • Think before you write. Create an outline of what you want to discuss about yourself. Generate some good ideas for your statement.
  • Avoid empty words like- really, basically, dreams and goals.
  • Avoid sentences with passive verbs.

You will get an attractive and uniquely personal statement with us whether you are applying for a master’s or a scholarship.

The Student Helpline provides Sop writing services; go through with it to make your statement stand out from the rest of the applicants.

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