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What you need to know about personalised car number plates

NumberPlateClinic believe that personalised number plates aren’t just for celebrities and millionaires. The public has fallen in love with them, with £111 million spent on them in the UK last year. Buying a number plate for the first time is an exciting prospect, but how do you go about it and what are the legal limitations?

If you’re thinking about getting a personalized registration, we’ve got you covered.


How do personalized number plates work?

Number plates that are personalized make your automobile more unique. You’ll pay extra for the registration to have a phrase, slogan, or initials that represent something significant to you. The DVLA launched the Cherished Transfer Scheme so that drivers could personalize their cars.


Where can you purchase a personalized number plate?

There are three methods to obtain a private licence plate directly from the DVLA, through a broker, or in a private sale.



This is a great place to start since it eliminates the middleman, with more than 45 million registrations available for purchase. Its search engine allows you to enter your criteria (for example, your initials) and browse its plate library. There are also number plate auctions held by the DVLA regularly. In-person bidding, online bidding, and


In a timed auction, you submit a maximum bid that is kept secret from other bidders. The system automatically bids up to your limit until someone exceeds it, and the plate goes to the highest bidder.



Dealers who buy and sell private number plates do exist. Check brokers’ sites if you can’t discover a particular plate on the DVLA’s website. you’ll almost certainly find that it is more expensive than a plate sold directly by the DVLA.



Check car publications and newspapers for classified advertisements if you can’t locate the plate you want on the DVLA or a dealer. Private plates advertised in publications like this are typically rare, so they may be quite costly.


How much do personalised plates cost?

It all depends on where you purchased your license plate and how rare it is. On the DVLA’s website, plates starting at £250 are available. Plates sold by brokers and classified advertisements are often quite desirable, so don’t be shocked if bids start at four hundred pounds and go up from there. Bidding starts at £20 for personal


The most expensive number plate ever sold in the UK was ’25 O”, which a Ferrari dealer purchased for £518,000 in 2014. In general, the fewer letters a personalized number plate has, the more costly it is. Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea FC paid around £285,000 for ‘VIP 1’.


What types of personalised plates can you get?

In the United Kingdom, there are four distinct types of registration plates. They are as follows:



The ‘current’ style, as the name implies, is used for new car registrations today. This design has been around since 2001 and consists of seven characters. It’s made up of two letters from the region it was registered, followed by two numbers relating to the vehicle’s age and finishing with three random letters.



From 1983 to 2001, this type of plate was used in the United Kingdom. Because the first letter denotes the car’s age, it is known as a prefix. A “G” -starting prefix plate was issued in August 1989, for example.



The United Kingdom’s version of this plate was first issued in 1963 and retired in 1983. It begins with the letter ‘A’ and ends with a letter that indicates its age. If the plate concludes in ‘B,’ it’s from 1964.



Before 1963, the vehicles were numbered with a dateless system. They can contain any combination of up to four digits and three letters. Because there is no indication of the vehicle’s age, they are quite desirable. What are the legal issues?


When you’ve purchased your personalized number plate from the DVLA, it will issue you a certificate of entitlement (V750), which allows you to attach it to your vehicle.

You won’t get the genuine number plate through the post, so you’ll need to bring identification such as a driver’s license and the V750 with you to your local registered number plate supplier. They will create the plate for you and install it onto your car.


The display of registration plates is regulated by law. A personal number plate must:


  • This technique may be employed to make a unit that comes with the text “L
  • The front plate is textured with black characters on a white background.
  • On the rear panel, the character is dark on a light background.
  • Do not have a background pattern
  • In particular, you may not alter the font or spacing, as this might confuse.
  • It’s not always easy to tell whether your automobile is classic or antique.


When you register a new private vehicle, the DVLA will automatically deactivate your car’s original age-related plate. It can’t be used on that car again unless it’s done through the DVLA application process.


If you try to reinstate your old registration number and it isn’t available, you may be given a new, age-related plate. If you drive with incorrect plates for any lengthy period, you will be fined up to £1,000 and your car will fail its MOT.


Is it possible to transfer my personalized number plate?

If you buy a new vehicle, you’ll be able to keep your personalized number plate if you sell your old car. For £80, the DVLA will transmit it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a car to put the license on right away; the agency will allow you to retain it until you’re ready to register it to a new vehicle. If you’re looking to purchase a number plate, why not check out NumberPlateClinic?

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